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Christmas fashion trends Festive fashion for the whole family

Holiday Outfit Style Tips | Christmas 2018 (June 2019).


"We did a fine job." A family with two children and their mother-in-law show us their favorite festive fashion.

Festive fashion for the whole family


The communication manager and mother of two works in the goldsmiths of her parents and thrills the customers with refreshing marketing ideas and events. Your time-for-me moments: reading, cinema and lots of yoga. Fashionably, Dorothée likes feminine styling.

Dorothée wears a sleeveless dress from Schumacher, ca. 490 Euro, Gr. XS-XXL. In addition a fed stole from Marabu feathers of St. Emile, about 490 Euro. Tights: Kunert. Pumps: Paco Gil.

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The press spokesman for the textile company Ernsting's family has an Italian dad and a passion for fashion. To clear his head, he walks or pampers family and friends with his cooking skills.

Dorothée in the shirt of Essentiel Antwerp about cult, ca. 250 Euro, Gr. 36-42. Pants from Piazza Sempione via, ca. 350 Euro, Gr. 34-40. Chain: Stella & Dot. Bangle: Anna dello Russo for H & M.

Marcello in the three-part by Gant, jacket, about 500 euros, vest and pants, each about 200 euros, Gr. 48-54. Shirt by Paul & Joe, about 190 euros. Tie: Roy Robson.


She is managing director of the Goldschmiede company in Kamen and works together with her daughter Dorothée. Marianne loves concerts, hiking, traveling by motorhome and of course her grandchildren. Her fashion style: a lot of glamor.

Dorothée in Blazer von Schumacher, ca. 440 Euro, Gr. XS-XL. Lace top made of viscose by Uta Raasch about Peter Hahn, ca. 230 Euro, Gr. 36-46. Velvet skirt by L'Wren Scott via, ca. 610 Euro, Gr. 36-42. Bangle: goldsmith art Telgmann. Tights: Kunert. Pumps: Pura López.

Noelia in H & M: jacket, about 39 euros, dress, about 14 euros, both in size. 92-128. Pantyhose: C & A. Shoes: Pretty Ballerinas.

Marianne in a silk dress by Steffen Schraut about impressions, about 290 Euro, Gr. 34-42. Cardigan by Jackpot, ca. 95 Euro, Gr. XS-XXL. Tights: Hawk. Pumps: Ludwig Görtz. Necklace and earrings: goldsmith art Telgmann.

Dorothée in silk blazer from Sly 010, about 490 Euro, Gr. 36-42. Great to the silk blouse and wine red pants, both from Gant, about 300 and 250 euros, Gr. 36-44. Bag: Tosca Blu. Shoes: Paco Gil.

Marcello's outfit: Mr. von Eden. Wool jacket, about 290 Euro, Gr. 48-98. Cotton shirt, ca. 50 Euro, Gr. 38-42. Trousers made of wool-mohair mixture, ca. 155 Euro, Gr. 46-52. Shoes: Hamlet.

Marianne in a gold-look blazer from St. Emile, ca. 590 Euro, Gr. 34-42. Blouse by Anna Sui, ca. 360 Euro, Gr. 36-40. Tweed-skirt of 3 Suisses, ca. 50 Euro, Gr. 32-46. Pumps: Moda di Fausto.

Daughter Noelia in the dress and coat of H & M, each about 40 euros, Gr. 92-128. Pantyhose: C & A. Scarf: H & M. Shoes: Pretty Ballerinas.

Son Valen tino in Cyrillus: wool jacket, about 165 euros, Gr. 116-178. Shirt, ca. 30 Euro, Gr. 104-176. Cotton trousers, ca. 34 Euro, Gr. 104-176. Shoes: C & A.


He is in third grade and prefers to learn Italian. When he's not playing the guitar or singing in the choir, Valentino does sport: he swims, cycles and runs.

Dorothée's sleeveless dress: Ernsting's family, ca. 24 Euro, Gr. 36-50. Silk top with bow at the neckline by Peter Hahn, ca. 125 Euro, Gr. 6-52. Sequin jacket from Supertrash via Conleys, ca. 170 Euro, Gr. 36-42. Bag: Ernsting's family. Rings: Maija design. Bangles: Sal y Limon. Studded Bangles: Mango. Tights: Kunert. Pumps: Pura López.

Marianne's dress: Sheego over Schwab, about 95 Euro, Gr. 40-58. Cardigan by Ernsting's family, approx. 19 Euro, Gr. 36-50. Tights: Hawk. Pumps: Lloyd.

Valentino in the outfit of Otto: cargo pants, about 25 euros, Gr. 128-164. Polo shirt, about 10 euros, sweater, about 18 euros, both in size. 128-176. Shoes: private.


She goes to kindergarten and dances ballet once a week. She prefers to play with her dolls. When dad is at the stove, she always wants to cook. What she likes to wear? Everything in pink.

Marianne's dress : 3 Suisses, from 49 Euro, Gr. 32-46. Viscose cardigan with metal yarn: Mia Moda, approx. 49 Euro, Gr. 44-62. Tights: Hawk. Pumps: Ursula Mascaro.

Noelia wears a houndstooth jacket from 3 Suisses, ca. 30 Euro, Gr. 86-158. Rolli from tree wool by Ernsting's family, approx. 7 Euro, Gr. 104-128. Pleated skirt made of wool from Gant, ca. 90 Euro, Gr. 110-128. Pantyhose: C & A. Shoes: Santoni.

Dorothée in a silk dress with spaghetti straps by Patrizia Pepe, ca. 460 Euro, Gr. 34-42. Angora mix cardigan from H & M, approx. 50 Euro, Gr. 34-42. Ring: Maija design. Bangle: Aamaya by Priyanka. Tights: Kunert. Pumps: Paco Gil.

Marcello wears an outfit by PS by Paul Smith, wool suit, about 700 euros. Cotton shirt, about 360 euros. Both in (English) Gr. 34-46. Shoes: Floris van Bommel.

Dorothées sequin dress: Young Couture by Barbara Schwarzer, ca. 275 Euro, Gr. 36-46. Cashmere cloth: Antonia Zander. Chain: Stella & Dot. Ring: Maija design.

Marcello in Roy Robson. Jacket, about 250 euros, pants, about 120 euros, shirt, about 60 euros. Shoes: Sioux. Valentino in Gant: sweater, about 150 euros, pants, about 110 euros, shirt, about 80 euros. Everything Gr. 122-170. Shoes: Cyrillus.

Marianne's dress: Young Couture by Barbara Schwarzer, ca. 225 Euro, Gr. 36-46. Coat: Tommy Hilfiger, about 425 Euro, Gr. XS-XL. Pantyhose: Wolford. Pumps: Alberto Fermani.

Noelias shirt and skirt: H & M, about 10 and 14 euros. Both Gr. 92-128. Cardigan from Gant, about 130 euros. Pantyhose: C & A. Shoes: Santoni.

Dorothée in a silk dress with rhinestone-studded shoulders by Hoss Intropia, ca. 475 Euro, Gr. 34-40. Ring: Maija design. Tights: Hawk. Shoes: Ursula Mascaro.

Marcello carries Lord of Eden.

Noelia looks cute in H & M.

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