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Fit & Healthy High Blood Pressure - Often underestimated by women

Why You Now Have High Blood Pressure. The New Guidelines and 3 Tips to Lower it! / Healthy Hacks (May 2019).


Menopause increases the risk of hypertension. Those who do not recognize or ignore the danger put their lives on the line. There are effective therapies

No stinging, no pulling, no pain - for a long time you do not feel anything from an increased blood pressure. It is the person affected at the beginning even amazingly well. Often the finding is therefore only made by chance during a routine examination. For the fact that hypertension often has such an inconspicuous beginning, the folk suffering occupies a considerable place in the health budget of the Federal Republic: Ten percent of drug spending go to the high-pressure treatment each year. That makes about three billion euros.

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According to an investigation by the Robert Koch Institute, every second person in Germany must expect to be under too much pressure sooner or later. Today it is known that about ten percent of hypertension cases are due to kidney and adrenal glands. "In the remaining 90 percent, two factors play a role: genetic predisposition and environmental influences, " explains Privatdozent Dr. med. Karl Wagner, high-pressure specialist at the Asklepios Clinic in Hamburg-Barmbek. American researchers have also investigated how high the risk is if the parents are already suffering from it. The result: The risk of high blood pressure increases by 50 to 80 percent when a parent is affected. If both have high blood pressure, the risk even increases by 140 percent.

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