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Milii, also known as skin semolina or semolina grains, are small white spots that occur mainly in the face. With our tips you can prevent the unsightly pimples and treat them.

What are Milia?

Milia are small, white, cysts filled with sebum or keratinized skin cells. They have a similar effect on the skin as blackheads and are usually well distinguished from other impurities because of their white color. They can occur all over the body, but in most people they develop mainly in the face. The small dots are annoying though. But do not worry: it is not a skin disease. Milia is a purely cosmetic problem that can be treated easily.

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First steps

First of all, it is important to recognize what kind of milia you are. There is a distinction between primary and secondary miliae. The term primarily refers to those milieus that do not regress spontaneously, which requires treatment. However, if you are affected by secondary milia, such as burns, you do not have to do anything. These milia disappear in most cases by themselves. It is advisable to see a doctor who can determine the type of milia and tell you whether treatment is necessary or not.

treatment methods

Milia can be removed without problems. However, you should not take that into your own hands, but go into professional hands. Small milia outside the eye area can be treated in a cosmic studio. The milia are usually scratched with a small knife and the sebum filling removed. For the treatment of larger milia and such under the eyes you should always visit a dermatologist. So you can be sure that the treatment is done professionally. Unfortunately, the procedure is not taken over by the health insurance. The costs incurred by you can range between 20 and 80 euros. You can also undergo a laser therapy, which is, however, usually more expensive than the conventional procedure.

Prevent Milia

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee for the absence of milia even with careful precaution. However, you can reduce the risk. So you should wash your face thoroughly daily, especially after make-up removal. Also, be sure to gently pat your face gently after washing to avoid rubbing the skin. It is also recommended to use regular moisturizing peels to ensure thorough pore cleansing.

The sun is not your friend in preventing Milia. Too much sunlight and especially sunburns favor the appearance of milia. Stay in the shade as often as possible.

Last but not least: Apply Retinol to your skin regularly. It works much like an exfoliant and is also widely used to treat acne. Apply the lotion specifically to those parts of the skin that are affected by milia.

If, despite all precautions, you are affected by Milia, always remember: the small points are not dangerous.

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