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Relaxation facial massage

Massage Techniques : How to Do a Marma Point Facial Massage (June 2019).


The facial massage is a soothing wellness massage, which is also suitable as a self-massage. Properly used, it can also prevent wrinkles and stress. Tips and tricks for a good facial massage can be found here.

Our face is equipped with a sensitive skin. The contours are finer, unlike other parts of the body, so make sure that all the movements we describe are done with gentle pressure.

Course and performance of a facial massage

The facial massage should be tailored to your needs. You can focus on different areas. You can determine the order and the pressure yourself. To get in the mood for the facial massage, you should start with a little massage oil and light movements in the larger areas of the face. If possible, keep your eyes closed during the massage. Start with long strokes on the chin and go up to the forehead. Glide back down to the chin and then start with long strokes from top to bottom and vice versa. Now massage your temples with circular movements. Finally comes the "wiping out", this is a massage movement that starts in the middle of the face and is stroked backwards. Start at the hairline and massage from the inside out. This massage technique takes away the stress of everyday life. At the end, keep your eyes closed and enjoy the relaxed feeling.

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Face massage against wrinkles

The forehead often forms so-called horizontal folds. To massage them, place your middle and ring fingers on the middle of your forehead and massage them to the temples with small spiraling outward movements. Wrinkle wrinkles minimize by massaging the point above the eyebrows towards the bridge of the nose. Simply slide the center and ring fingers gently to the opposite side of the nose and stop at the tip of the nose. You can do this yourself up to six times on each page and repeat three times each time.

Tips for facial massage

The following tips should be considered during a facial massage

  • Take the hair backwards! It can be very unpleasant if there are hairs on the face during the facial massage.
  • Use only a little massage oil! On the face, massage oil can quickly become a problem - it gets into your eyes or mouth. In particular, fragrant massage oil (using essential oils) should not be used too lavishly, so as not to unnecessarily stress the senses - less is more here.
  • A lot of variety brings the highest enjoyment! A varied massage offers significantly more, because the nerve cells have little opportunity to adjust to the stimuli. So the massage always remains interesting and effective. Be sure to include the areas adjacent to the face - ears, neck, neck, and hairline.

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