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WINTER BEAUTY & SKIN CARE FOR SKIING | twoplustwocrew (May 2019).


Normal care products are not sufficient at 2000 meters altitude and in freezing temperatures. We explain what is important for the right skincare in winter sports and recommend products that best care for your skin on the slopes.

Of course, we protect our bodies on ski holidays with warm thermal clothing against the freezing cold. That's enough, is not it? None. In fact, a special skincare is forgotten by many people. But also the skin should be sufficiently protected on the piste from the frost and the sunlamp. Skiers get the sun rays on the slopes from below and above, because they are reflected by the snow. The higher the mountains, the higher the sun's intensity. A good sun protection is therefore indispensable - not only for the face, also for the lips. We tell you which products you should pack.

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Protect your face

Sun protection is the nuts and bolts on the slopes. Because even on dull days, the UV exposure high in the mountains is higher than in the valley. Therefore, you should apply a sun protection cream with SPF 50 plus before the ski trip, in order to reduce the risk of skin cancer and to avoid sunburn and premature aging of the skin (eg the "SPF 50+ sunscreen" by Avène, about 17 euros). In addition, a sunblock should be used in particularly vulnerable areas such as the forehead and cheeks and should not be waived wearing sunglasses with UV protection. Tip: cream every two hours.

Above the sunscreen you can also use a balancing CC Cream. This combines several care steps: UV protection, make-up, day and anti-wrinkle care. Sounds perfect for the ski vacation? It is.

Small sensitives - the lips


Whether Lucerne-Lake Lucerne, Bern-Bernese Oberland or Valais: Switzerland has a lot to offer as a holiday region. For young and old, for winter sports fan or gourmet - there is something for every taste!

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The skin on the lips is particularly sensitive. It is thinner than other parts of the body. So that your lips defy the cold and no unpleasant (and unsightly!) Cracks arise, you can regularly apply a lip care with UV protection on the slopes. Practical for skiing: a lip care in pen form - also good for the jacket pocket. Particularly recommended are products that have been specially developed for winter sports. Such as the "ANTHELIOS XL Lipsticks" by La Roche Posay (about 7 euros), which is also rich in moisturizing shea butter.

Extra tip: In winter, many people - whether in the Alps or at home - struggle with brittle, chapped lips. For dry lips dexpanthenolhaltige ointments help. With cracked, cracked lips, you can also benefit from a well-tried home remedy. The implementation is simple: Take a spoonful of honey and apply the liquid gold evenly on the lips. You can also feed the honey overnight. To intensify the care effect, you can first mix a lip scrub with olive oil and sugar. Just gently massage on the lips. To remove excess skin cells, create an even surface and ensure that the subsequent care (honey, balm, cream) can move more effectively.

Important: do not forget your hands and feet

Come on out of the tight ski boots! After a long day on the ski slope, our body needs a little break. A suggestion: Warm up in the hotel with a hot bath and give your feet and hands a breather. Rich foot and hand creams are just the thing. Extra care offers, for example, a soothing pack like the "Thermasoft foot mask" by Alessandro (about 9 Euro). It stimulates the circulation and warms the feet naturally.

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