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Why Arabic Women & Men Smell Good - Oriental Perfume Arabian Oudh عطورعربية Bakhoor Oud Heaven Scent (June 2019).


You will be enchanted! Of precious fragrances, oils and warm colors from the Orient.

Wanderlust. After a world that kidnaps us from our everyday lives. In places full of exotic scents, enveloping warmth and mysterious rituals. The Orient is the destination of the most beautiful dreams of wellbeing and can also turn cool winter days in the Occident into a fairy tale of 1001 nights. Candles and incense sticks with aromas of rose, anise, fig, frankincense, amber and cinnamon act as gentle mood enhancers. They enchant our senses: eyes closed and the beauty journey begins. The private bath becomes a luxurious palace with oils, scents and skin-pampering beauty.

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Sensual scents inspire the imagination to the most creative

In ancient Egypt, resins were sacrificed to the gods "per fumum, " that is, smoke. A resourceful trader eventually mixed the raw materials with oils that made a splash between South Arabia and the Mediterranean. "Kyphi" was the name of the first fragrance bestseller that combined frankincense, amber, oud, sandalwood and rose. These are also the ingredients that currently inspire modern perfumers. The designer Tom Ford breaks up the opulence of "Rive d'Ambre" with bitter orange and spearmint. Guerlain perfumer Thierry Wasser flatters the rose note of "Encens Mythique d'Orient" with patchouli and pink pepper. Roberto Cavalli deepens the Damascus rose with saffron in "Tiger Oud". Bottled in opulent bottles, the new oriental fragrances look like precious jewels. The noblest sparkle used discreetly. Do not spray intense scents too close to the head, but rather before putting on the body. The knees are also ideal because they rise subtly from there.

Natural rituals caress the body

Unveiled, the women in the Orient only stay at home, in the hammam and in the Rasul bath. The cleansing ritual with healing earth from the Atlas Mountains should attract good spirits, bring good luck and conjures a skin like velvet and silk. The gray-brown paste mixed with warm water is gently massaged into the skin and rinsed off after it has dried. Rasul binds dead horns and tallow, while the skin absorbs minerals (eg "Soin Gommant Oriental" by Daniel Jouvance, "Rhassoul Active Creme" by Alva). The body cult à la Morgenland also includes the removal of arm, leg and pubic hair. Halawa (in English: "something sweet") is the procedure and is not as sweet as her name. The women mix and heat sugar, lemon and vegetable oil, paint the paste, cover with cotton strips and tear down the sticky shreds against the direction of growth (finished paste on:

Silky skin through traditional beauty elixirs

The secret of Oriental care has been honey for centuries. The liquid gold binds moisture, calms and has antibacterial properties in arid desert climates. As a mask, it works wonders: mix 100 grams of yogurt with two teaspoons of honey, apply, wash after ten minutes with lukewarm water. Concentrated honey in serums (eg "Abeille Royale facial" by Guerlain, "Youth Elixir serum" by Melvita). By the way: If there is no lip gloss at hand, a fingertip of honey makes brittle lips fit for kisses. The rose cultivates seductively. Their extracts smooth, stimulate cell renewal and prevent inflammation. Its fragrance contains the natural luck donor phenylethylamine (PEA), which warms up the feeling of pleasure. A rose bath infatuates the skin and the senses (eg "Kiss of a Rose" by Tetesept, "Rose Garden" by Lavera). Luscious body creams make the Scheherazade feel perfect (eg "Apicosma Body Balm" by Melvita, "Moroccan Rose Body Butter" by The Body Shop).

Liquid gold is a valuable beauty source from head to toe. With a few fine drops of oil, the skin feels comfortable after cleansing. The lipids strengthen the barrier layer, regenerate and retain the moisture. Extracts of rose, sandalwood or cardamom transform plain almond oil into an anti-aging specialist. A particularly valuable organic treasure grows in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco: the Argan tree. Its oil is obtained by hand pressing from argan nuts. It is unusually rich in antioxidants and rejuvenating phyto-hormones. The full effect of argan oil folds when it is massaged into the still moist skin (eg "Organic Argan Oil Serum" by Kahina, "Massage Elixir Oriental" by Yves Rocher). Argan was a well-kept secret of Berber women for healthy, shiny hair. Meanwhile, it also makes our hair supple (eg "Elixir Ultime" by Kérastase, "Mythic Oil" by L'Oréal).

Bright colors liven up the mood

The current make-up collections capture the flair of an oriental journey: henna and chili for the lips, blue and turquoise for the lids and earth tones for the complexion (eg "Orient Express" line by Artdeco, "Color Wardrobe for Eyes & Cheeks "By Laura Mercier). A classic, without which the women of Arabia never leave the house: Kajal (literally: make the eyes shiny). He is more than just a matter of opinion. The dark color is traditionally designed to deter evil and absorb bright sunlight. And of course the black makes the look look pretty intense. The same look is available with silicone-coated pigments in all colors (eg "Phyto Khol Star" by Sisley, "Double Wear Eye Pencil" by Estée Lauder). The winter-pale complexion brings bronze powder to shine (eg "Terra Nerolia" by Guerlain, "True Bronze" by Clinique). With a large brush, it can be spread over the face and décolletage. And already in the evening the sun rises.

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