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Bye bye dark circles! We tell you the causes of the annoying shadows under the eyes and give tips on what measures can alleviate them.

As with uninvited guests at a party, it is also with dark circles: they are there, although no one wanted them. Dark shadows under our eyes make us look tired, sick and old. We explain how dark circles are formed and how you can deal with them.

How do you create dark circles?

Blue or slightly greenish and somehow pretty dark - Dark circles can look very different and have different causes. Below the eye, the skin is very thin, which is why veins and vessels show through stronger. The skin is also very sensitive there, as its cushioning fat layer is missing. Turning night into day, the dark shadows also celebrate a big party in your face.

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But not only because of the long nights we have to thank for the fact that in the morning we sometimes look as if we have not been blindfolded. Also diseases or a lack of oxygen, fluid, vitamins, iron or minerals are to blame for the scary look. Look into the faces of your loved ones at the next family reunion: If not only you are punished with the painful shadows, the dark circles can also occur due to genetic factors.

Emergency measures against eye shadows

  1. A lot of drinking! Liquid is crucial for all processes in the body and can also cushions dark circles from the inside and thus mitigate (by the way: drinking makes you slim too >> read more here)
  2. A big helping of sleep! As we slumber, the body regenerates and recovers power - which also affects the intensity of the eye shadow.
  3. Ego Day: Take a day to pamper yourself. Because stress is the ticket for dark circles on the face.

Tips from nature

  • Cook the chamomile tea bags, allow to cool and place on the eyes.
  • Put cooled cucumber slices on the eyes - cools, has a decongestant effect and causes the blood vessels to contract.
  • Dip cotton pads in coffee, allow to cool and place on eyes

If you want to avoid dark shadows under the eyes, you should also eat a balanced diet. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to meet your vitamin A, C and E needs. They refresh not only the body, but also the eyes. Iron deficiency: eat meat, fish and green vegetables. Also red beets is a great iron supplier. In addition, treat yourself from time to time to an extensive facial massage. This stimulates blood circulation and gives you a great deal of relaxation for free. So-called roll-on sticks with nourishing oils stored in the refrigerator.

Make-up tips for eye edges

Sometimes nothing helps and the dark circles have to be hidden well. Helper in distress is there the concealer. Camouflage make-up is an alternative for the toughest cases. With our instructions, you conjure up the eye shadow easily.


Tatiana Raphael

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