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Those who are prone to redness on the face or even rosacea suffers under his skin. With the right tools, you will bring your skin back to radiance.

Especially in the cold season quickly develop slight redness in the face. This can be due to the lower humidity. The red spots can also be a sign of too much stress. Affected suffer especially if in addition to the redness pimples additionally noticeable. But not every redness suggests a normal reaction of the skin. Rosacea, an acne-like skin disease, can be the cause of the discomfort.

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The disease Rosacea

Rosacea usually occurs in middle-aged women. Noticeable are the red skin impurities as pustules, compacted pustules and inflammation of the redness. Rosacea is a chronic disease that is not curable. Nevertheless, it can be insulated with the right treatment. The cause of skin disease is a disruption of the blood supply between the brain and facial skin.

Every skin to different claims. Our tips for a make-up suitable for the skin.

See no more red

If you want to cover the red spots on your face, you should seek advice from the pharmacy so as not to aggravate your skin condition. Otherwise, it is best to use mineral cosmetics. The difference to conventional cosmetics is that only minerals are used. Natural cosmetics companies such as "Alverde" or "Dr. Hauschka" sell eg mineral make-up. If you have found a good product, then you should by no means apply too much. Start in the middle of your face and work your way outward. Skin areas which are provided with unsightly pimples, you can dabbed before with a green concealer. Then you can fix your face with a special powder, so that your complexion becomes more even. A little eyeshadow or lipstick sets accents and distracts from the unwanted skin paints - so you start well-groomed in the day!

The right care

The skin needs moisture - especially if it is ill. Get advice from a dermatologist on which product best cares for your skin. The Aoptheker can then touch a suitable preparation, which inhibits the inflammation and at the same time gives a lot of moisture without greasing. In addition, mild cleansers are recommended for redness. Zinc is also thought to help heal redness. Our tip: Apply almond oil with a cotton pad on the skin and leave overnight.

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The effect is usually visible the next morning. You can also try the classic trick with cucumber slices, which are best placed cold on the reddish places and only take off when the cucumber is warm. The water and the enzymes of the vegetables have an anti-inflammatory effect.

If the redness does not improve despite the good care, then you should immediately consult your dermatologist and ask for advice.

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