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Umstyling: New look with short hair Type advice: Made a little younger

Let me see how I look with short hair! (June 2019).


Hair off! The decision was not easy Anke - but the result is impressive: a Pixieschnitt. Naughty, hip and sexy.

She takes her time. 30 minutes, in which Anke is torn: raspelkurz? Or as usual chin? A hairy decision that is not all about hairstyle. Because the Pixie-Cut, to which you advise the FOR YOU experts, is a complete transformation. From classic-decent to hip and cool. "Yes, I'm afraid, " suddenly bursts out of her. But Anke does not want to admire the work until it's done. The mirror is suspended, the strands fall to the ground.
With a glance at the tufts, the 39-year-old remarked: "Now I can not hide behind my hair anymore." She does not have to. Fresh make-up underlines the sexy look. Then the big moment: Anke looks at her new self in the mirror - and is baffled. "Wow, I look smooth ten years younger." We agree.

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Blow dry, whisper, done! "I've never had short hair, " says Anke. It looks at her but by lengths better. Her new pixie cut has fringed topcoat and a soft outline. The sideburns are feathery cut, the pony short and fringed. The styling is correspondingly uncomplicated. Hair while blow-drying simply criss-cross with your fingers. Rub some hair wax between your fingers and structure individual strands in the top hair. Again, there are variations. For example, the look becomes cheekier when Anke styled the pony to the side and puts single strands on the top of the head with wax in position.

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