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Holidays The best costumes for Carnival 2017

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2018 (June 2019).


The carnival is coming up and you still need a matching costume? We show you hip, original disguises and great looks, with which you are the focus of every carnival party this year.

Sweet cotton candy costume

For this sugar-sweet lining you need a short dress, flame-retardant cotton and pink spray paint. First spray the cotton wool with the paint, let it dry well and then brush the front of the dress with craft glue. Press a thin layer of cotton wool on it, let it dry and then glue the back of the dress. At your discretion, you can make matching accessories to your costume.

Creative sushi costume

For this fun carnival costume, you 'll need an oversized white T-shirt with orange or black organic patch on it. Turn two side doodles and stick them with hair sticks. To round off the look, you can emphasize your eyes with a thin line of eyeliner and make your lips heart-shaped with a bright, red lipstick.

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Elegant as a Bat Woman

To make the typical bat wings, fold the fabric at right angles to create two symmetrical pieces and cut one side into a wave. Now you need a headband and a piece of cardboard or felt, from which you can cut out the cat ears. Then fix these on the headband. Combined with a black, elegant dress, you are guaranteed to be the eye-catcher at every carnival party 2017!

Cute Bambi look

Start with contouring and highlighting, especially the forehead, nose and eye area should be very bright. Fill your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil, extend them slightly inwards and paint the lines bushy upwards. Then pull an eyeliner line, which should run out longer at the corner of the eye. Now paint the tip of the nose, draw the line to the edge of the upper lip and fill it out as well. The typical white spots can be dabbed with Theta make-up and a thin brush.

Cookie Monster Costume

This great carnival costume features a dark blue tulle skirt combined with a tight blue T-shirt. You can easily cut out the biscuits and the face of the Cookie Monster from a large piece of felt. The applications are assembled with textile glue and sewed on the costume. With this great, creative disguise you are guaranteed the eye-catcher of every carnival party.

Last Minute: Pineapple Costume

This costume can be done quickly and easily by yourself, without stitching, and it is still a real eye-catcher. First, you need a big piece of green cardboard. Draw about 30 to 40 sheets, cut them out and glue them around a roll of toilet paper. Start with the largest leaves you set up and complete with the smaller leaves. Then glue a hair band to the inside of the cardboard roll. Combined with a yellow dress, the creative, eye-catching carnival look becomes perfect.

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