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Homemade candles for dark, gray autumn days DIY: making candles yourself

Repurpose Your Candles, Frugal Home Decor' (May 2019).


On cold, gray days, candlelight provides the right, cozy atmosphere. We will show you how you can easily make candles for your living room.

Christmas is coming soon. Get into the festive season with home-made, festive candle decoration.

Instructions for making candles

You need this:

  • skewers
  • Wicks (available in the craft market)
  • two pots of hot water
  • red candle wax or stearin (either remains of old candles or from the craft market)
  • A hilt-resistant vessel (eg: glass jar) into which a small hole can be drilled at the bottom
  • aluminum foil

How it works: pour candles

Prepare to meet

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Next, prepare the jar for the candle. For this you can use a glass jar from the craft shop. Then drill a small hole in the bottom of the vessel. Then dip the tip of the wick in some liquid wax and then pull it through the hole in the ground. Knot the wick and then glue it to the outside of the jar. Pay attention to the burning direction of the wick and to the fact that no wax can run through the hole.

Finally, tie the top of the wick to a shish kebab placed across the vessel.

Heat wax

Put the wax in a heat-resistant container and place this container in a pot filled with water. Now you can slowly heat the water to heat the wax. (Tip: The water does not need to boil.) A temperature of about 60 ° C at medium level is enough to heat the wax.) Make sure that the water and wax are separate and not touching each other.

Pour the candle

Now place the glass jar on the aluminum foil. Then pour only a small amount of wax into the container and wait a moment until it cools down. Then pour in the remaining wax until the vessel has reached the fullness you desire. Tip: As a precaution, keep some wax.

Fill the cool

Once the wax has cooled, it may be that a chill has formed around the wick. To fill this groove, you can use the remaining wax. Even if the remaining wax has cooled and solidified, the wick is also straight.

The candle is ready

If you feel that the wax is completely firm, remove the knots at the bottom of the wick. Then cut off the other end on the shish kebab. Then try to remove the candle from the glass jar. If the candle can not be removed from the container, you can put it in the fridge for a few minutes. Due to the cold, the candle can be easily removed later. If the candle is still stuck in the refrigerator after the time and does not come out of the jar, allow hot water to run over the jar for a few seconds from the outside.

Ready is your homemade candle!

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