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Knitting instruction short sleeve jacket



Knitting is the stitch of the season. That's why we introduce you to one of the most beautiful trend models - with detailed instructions for copying.

short sleeve jacket

Gr. 36-40 and 42-46 (For sizes 36-40 different for sizes 42-46 are behind the slash.)

Material: Schachenmayr wool "Laluca Cotton" (50% cotton, 50% polyacrylic, approx. 65 m / 50 g), 650/700 g in white Fb. 01 and 50 g in Navy Fb. 50. Knitting needles No. 4- 5th 6 buttons.

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Waistband pattern: 2 sts, 2 sts alternating.

Basic pattern: Pattern repeat divisible by 4 + RM. The exact breakdown is in the manual. The knitting shows the pattern from the right side and the way it is knitted in the back and the back.

Mesh test: 18 M and 26 R = 10 x 10 cm.

Back piece : Cast on 82/90 sts and start the pattern with 1 back as follows: RM, 1 st, 2 sts, 2 sts in stocking st. After 7 cm of the border pattern, continue the basic pattern according to the knitting pattern, increasing in the 1st R 8x after every 9th st 1 st = 90/98 sts. Work the pattern as follows: 1x the 1st - 10th sts, R, the 11.-18. Repeat R 6x = 48R, 1xthe19.-26.R = 8R, the 27.-30. Repeat R = 4 R large pear pattern until a total length of 47 cm is reached. 1x the 31.-36. R str, then work the back in navy smooth right. For the neckline after 2 cm in navel bind off the middle 14 sts and finish both sides separately. For rounding in every 2nd row remove 1x 2 and 3x 1 sts. After 8 cm fit in navy cast off the remaining 33/37 sts. The front parts are 8 cm shorter = without navy blue yokes!

Left front: Cast on 40/44 sts and divide the hem as in the back. When piece measures 7 cm, increase the basic pattern in the 1st row 4x after every 9 sts 1 st = 44/48 sts. Work in the same pattern as in the back piece. For the neckline, after 42 cm on the right edge, remove 1x 2 sts, remove 1 st in every other row. After approx. 50 cm (after the 31st-36th round of the knitting pattern), bind off the 33/37 shoulder sts. The right front part work the same.

Finishing: Close the shoulder seams. For the armhole trim from * (front) to * (back) pick up approx. 62/70 sts in white and knit 10 cm of waistband. The armholes are kept with the aperture, as the photo shows. For the collar from the neckline in white take approx. 88 sts (front pieces each 30 sts, back cutout 28 sts) and the garment pattern after the st in on the reverse, start with 2 sts, 2 sts in alternation. After approx. 20 cm cast off the sts loosely. For the iris in white, pick up 98 sts (front edge 72 sts, collar 26 sts = pick up 2 sts 1 st to keep this edge) and knit 4 cm of rib. At the right front part panel work 2 cm 6 buttonholes after 2 cm: RM, 5 M waistband, * 2 sts (right and left) over layered, 1 YO, 2 sts (left and right), add. 10 sts. Repeat from * 5x. In the back, turn the cover 1x back, 1x left = 2 sts. Sew on the buttons.

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