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KNIT FANCY CELTIC CABLE Free Knitting Pattern (May 2019).


This knit coat is perfect for the cold winter days. Whether on a winter walk or at home on the sofa - the cuddly coat keeps you warm. So, get to the knitting needles!

Original instructions from the Rebecca booklet 60 - model 10

Yarn RAGTIME: 78% acetate, 12% polyester, 10% polyamide (running approx. 150 m / 50 g)

Size: 36-40, 42/44 and 46-50.
The figures for size 36-40 are in front of the clip, for size 42/44 and size 46-50 in parenthesis, separated by slashes. If there is only one specification, it applies to all sizes.

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Material: yarn TWISTA, 900 (1000/1100) g in orange-browned No. 6. Prym-knitting needles No. 12, an auxiliary needle.

Rib pattern: 2 sts, 2 sts alternating.

Kraus re: Knit every row.

Smooth left: Back left, back right M.

Braid A: over 6 or 12 sts. 1st row: 6 sts, after every 1 st, crosswise from the cross thread str = 12 sts.

2. R and all following returns:12 sts .

3rd round: Knitt 12 sts.

Row 5: 4 sts, put 4 sts in front of work with a needle, knit 4 sts, then knit sts of needle.

ROOT 7: K 12 times.

9th row: Work 4 sts behind the work with a needle, work 4 sts, then the st needles, 4 sts.

Row 11: K 12 times. After the 1st to 4th R the 5th to 12th R always wdh.

Braid B: Work as plait A but work 9th to 12th round after 1st to 4th round, then repeat 5th to 12th rounds.

Braid C: As braid A str, but the crossings as follows:

5th row: 4 sts with a needle, before work, work 4 sts, then the sts of the needle, 4 sts.

9th row: 4 sts, put 4 sts behind work with a needle, knit 4 sts, then knit sts of needle. Repeat 5th to 12th R after 1st to 4th row.

Braid D: Work as braid C, but after the 1st to the 4th round, work 9th to 12th round, then repeat 5th to 12th round.

Mesh sample: 5.5 M and 9 R = 10 x 10 cm. The braid is 12 cm wide.

Edge stitches: The edges at the side edges in front, in back stitch; when sewing the parts together, only measure half an M! Knit the edges at the front edges in each row.

Back piece: Cast on 42 (46/50) sts and work in rib pattern, starting from row 1 on back, 1 sts left (right / left), 2 sts (left) and finish the match. At a height of 9 cm, continue as follows: edge st, 7 (9/11) st in stocking st, 6 sts or 12 sts in plait A, 14 in mglattli, 6 sts or 12 sts in plait B, 7 (9/11) sts in stocking st left, margin = 54 (58/62) sts after the 1st round. At a height of 72 cm for the neckline cast off the middle 6 sts evenly, on both sides of each row cast off 2x 2 sts. At 76 cm, stop the remaining 22 (24/26) shoulder sts.

Cast on the left front piece: Cast on 28 (30/32) sts and in the 1st back for the panel work 12 sts (including hem), then 15 (17/19) sts in rib pattern, start with 2 sts and work 1 st li (right / left), end of border. Continue to knit the rib-sts as they appear, knit the 12 trim sts. At a height of 9 cm continue as follows: edge st, 7 (9/11) st in stocking st, 6 sts or 12 sts braid C, 2 sts in stocking st, 12 sts in garter st = 34 (36/38) sts after 1 st R. At a height of 50 cm for the shawl collar, work one row to the front of the garter st, then knit one st, crosswise, from the transverse thread. Repeat these increases in every 6 rows 2 times and in every 4 rows 2 times = 39 (41/43) sts. At a height of 76 cm in a row 22 (24/26) sts for the shoulder and close. Continue over the remaining 17 sts for the back collar, cast on the edge of the shoulder edge 1 st in the 1st row. At a height of approx. 14 cm from the shoulder, close the 18 sts after one row.

Right front: Knit the same way, ie at the cuffs start the 1st back as in the back and finish with 12 sts. At 9 cm height continue 12 sts in garter st, 2 sts in stocking st, 6 sts or 12 sts in plait D, 7 (9/11) st in stockinette st. The increases for the shawl collar after the last kraus re M work.

Completion: Lay the pieces right side together on the right side, then knit 1 st of both needles together with the needle at the dislocated shoulder sts, at the same time bind off the sts. Tighten the part, let it dry under damp cloths. Join the disused M of the collar halves with stitches; sew the collar to the neckline, keeping the collar width in line. Pick up 34 sts from the middle approx. 56 cm of the side edges and knit 10 cm in a ribbed pattern. Then cast off the sts. Close the side and cuff seams.

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