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Knitting Pattern Poncho with wrap loop

Loom Knit Ruana Style Free Spirit Topper (CC) (April 2019).


This poncho made of the exclusive wool from Wolke Hegenbarth will keep you warm and cozy in autumn and defies every pre-winter blues with its autumnal colors. The matching loop scarf can be combined and, of course, worn individually. The knitting instructions Poncho and Loop are available for free download.

Free knitting line for poncho with wrap loop

Equipped with poncho and scarf is actually missing only a cap for a warm head in the cool autumn. For example, a turban beanie fits perfectly with a poncho, but even a beanie is always a great accessory. But now it's time for the cuddly poncho by Veronika Hug: Execution: Knit the loop across. Cast on 9 sts in off white, 8 st in apple green and 9 sts in black and knit stockinette st. For each color area, use a separate ball and when changing the color, cross the threads on the back of the work so that no holes are formed. After 4 rows from the stop in the following row, plait the 8 sts each from black and off white to the left. To do this, put 4 sts on 1 needle at a time, work the following 4 sts on the right, then knit the sts of the needle on the right. The edge stitches are not braided. * In the following 8th row, braid the 8 sts in apple green and after another 8 rows, pluck the 8 sts each in black and off white. Repeat * 5 more times. Then in the next 8th row, braid the M in apple green again and bind off all sts after a further 4 rows.

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Completion: close the stop and the decapping edge in a stitch stitch.

Realization / Design: Christel Hurst and Veronika Hug

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