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DIY Patchwork Shoes | Make Your Own Two-Colored Houseshoes | Hatnut XL 55 | Veronika Hug (May 2019).


Slippers self-felting made easy: We show you how to keep your feet warm on cold days. Our two-tone felt slippers are much simpler than the result suggests. With the following detailed instructions, you can quickly make your own slippers.

Warm feet on cold days in autumn and winter are the nuts and bolts of your health. With our guide for comfortable slippers you are definitely on the right page. Both for you and for your children, you can make these slippers made of felt as you like freely and make yourself. We have ideas and tips for you on how to use the right wool to make fashionable shoes.

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Dimensions: shoe size 37, sole length about 26 cm

You need: approx. L 30 x W 37 cm Wool felt, 5 mm thick, in anthracite, z. By Hey Sign; approx. L 25 x W 110 cm Doubleface-Walkstoff in orange-anthracite; Sewing thread in orange and gray; Scissors; Paper; Pencil; French chalk

cut out

Transfer the contours and marker points for the cap and sole from the original to paper and cut out the shapes. The cut includes 0.5 cm seam allowance all around.

Tip: For other shoe sizes, the sole cut at the marked neckline is cut across and extended by the corresponding centimeters (depending on the size of the shoe).

Made of wool felt:

2 x equal to the sole (right and left foot)

2 times the cap with impact same


1. Cap: Turn the flap to the gray side of the fabric and sew it with zigzag stitch in orange on the cap.

Download free tutorial on

2. Sew off the felt sole in the heel area to approx. 1 cm above the markings with gray sewing thread 0.5 cm wide.

3. Put the cap on the sole according to the markings and stitch tightly with 1x orange sewing thread.

4. Slipper: Then sew the cap area 1x along the cut edges with zigzag stitch in orange (stitch width: 4-5 mm, stitch length: 2, bobbin thread of the sewing machine: orange).

Tip: Try the zigzag seam beforehand on a test piece.

5. Work the second slipper in the same way.


Visit and download here the sewing instructions for the cozy two-colored felt slippers >>

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