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Shelf life Food: Can I still eat this?

10 Foods You Should Never Eat Past the Expiry Date (June 2019).


How often do you stand in front of the fridge and wonder if you can still eat the yoghurt or the piece of cheese? Probably far too often. We have some tips to help you decide if certain foods are still edible and when they should be discarded.


Still edible

After opening, fresh milk is in the fridge.
There she stays for about three days.

Better throw away

Once the milk smells sour; H-milk is more of a musty smell.


Still edible

Up to three weeks after expiration of the best before date.

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Better throw away

If you find mold anywhere. A domed lid does not matter!


Still edible

Four weeks from laying date.

Better throw away

Put the egg in the water. If it goes under, then it is fresh. If it floats, then it has to go.

Here are more methods for testing the shelf life of eggs >>


Still edible

After opening the package, please consume within three days.

Better throw away

Gray edges, slimy coating? Please throw away immediately!


Still edible

Cut and hard cheeses last up to ten days, soft and cream cheese only up to four days.

Better throw away

Soft, muddy spots, mold that does not look like "precious"? Away with it.


Still edible

Minced meat up to 24 hours after purchase, other varieties in the refrigerator for up to two days, fried even up to four days.

Better throw away

As soon as you look strange or strange. Never freeze thawed meat again!


Still edible

The darker, the longer lasting. White bread about three days, wholemeal bread a week.

Better throw away

At the latest, when mold is visible. Do not eat packed bread until three days before the expiry date.


Still edible

Unopened, jam is edible up to five months after the expiration date. Open in two weeks!

Better throw away

As soon as mold forms. Tip: a shot Obstler
in the jam makes it last longer.

canned fish

Still edible

Only 24 hours after arrival.

Throw away love

For all canned goods: If they have bumps or creases, rather throw away.

Poultry, meat salad

Still edible

Open for two more days.

Better throw away

After expiration of the consumption date, rather no risk!

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