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Knitting instructions Knitted collar

How to knit scarf - collar - with Ruby Stedman (May 2019).


The knit collar in the blackberry knit pattern is quickly imitation and versatile combinable. Spice up your outfit with this trendy accessory. These and many other great knitting instructions can be found in the book "DaWanda: Self-knitted!", Published by GU.

Material: 100 g Ushya by Mirasol, color Oyster Mushroom, length 105 m / 100 g, mixed yarn, knitting needles 10, hook, sewing needle, sewing thread
Size: width about 14 cm circumference about 68 cm

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1. The 12-stitch and 14-row blackberry swatch sample (instructions below) should give an area of ​​10 x 10 cm.
2. Slightly cast on 78 stitches, then begin the blackberry pattern as follows: 1st row: knit only left stitches, 2nd row: knit edge stitch on the left; make the following stitch on the right, but leave it on the left needle, knit out one more left and one right stitch until three new stitches are on the working needle; only then let the stitch slide off the left needle; knit the following three stitches to the left; repeat these steps until the end of the series; Knit edge stitch left again, 3rd row: knit all stitches left, 4th row: left edge stitch; Knit 3 stitches on the left and knit three stitches from the following stitch as above; continue until the end of the series; complete with left edge stitch.
3. Repeat these four rows until a total of 12 rows are knitted. Then again work row 1-3 according to the above scheme, but do the fourth row with a mesh decrease. For this purpose knit three stitches to the left until the end of the row and then work a right stitch; Knit off the edge stitches on the left.
4. Bind off all stitches loosely on the left. Finally, sew the closure hooks on the back of the upper corners.


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