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Knitting Pattern Striped scarf made of alpaca wool

Crochet scarf using alpaca yarn (May 2019).


The chic self-knitted scarf made of alpaca wool keeps you warm on chilly days.

Scarves made of wool with many patterns are totally in fashion. We have tips and instructions for you for a soft scarf made of alpaca wool. Even beginners can knit that.

You need: Schachenmayr yarn "Alpaka" and "Alpaka fashion" (100% alpaca, 100 m = 50 g) 150 g each in nature Fb. 00002 and light blue mottled Fb. 00151, one needles game No. 3, 5, and one thick crochet hook for the fringes.

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knitting patterns

Basic pattern: It is knitted smoothly in rounds on the right.

Pattern Stripe : Number of stitches divisible by 5. On the first round, take 3 envelopes on the needle after each stitch. In the second round, take 5 stitches on the right needle and release the envelopes. This will make the stitches very long. Lift these 5 stitches back onto the left needle and knit 1 stitch on the right, 1 turn, 1 stitch on the right, 1 turn, 1 stitch on the right through all 5 stitches = 5 stitches. Then always repeat the second round.

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Stitch sample: 20 stitches and 24 rows = 10 cm x 10 cm


Cast on 80 sts in light blue, knit 2 rounds on the left st. * 20 rounds smooth right, 2 round pattern strips, 1 round smooth right, color change, 1 round smooth right, 2 round pattern strips, 20 rounds smooth right, color change. Continue with 20 rounds of smooth right, 2 round swatches, etc. Repeat these 46 rounds. After about 130 cm after 20 rounds of nature. Work 2 more left stitches in natural, then bind off all stitches on the right side.

Completion: Close the narrow sides. At the blue edge nature-colored

Tie on fringes, attach blue fringes to the natural-colored edge. Approximately Make 30 cm long threads tied in four threads between every 3rd stitch. Finally, just cut the fringes to a regular length.

Download knitting instructions

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