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Noble, practical, good! The crochet jacket is just a perfect companion. It can be combined great - sporty to jeans, elegant knit dress. Here is our free knitting pattern.

Short jacket with decorative raglan declines

From: Sabrina - the knitting journal, published monthly in the OZ publishing house

Size: 36/38, (40/42)

Material: 400 (450) g ​​Size (Fb 21) "Alta Moda Alpaca" (90% alpaca, 5% wool, 5% polyamide, length 140m / 50g)
by LANA GROSSA. 1 LANA GROSSA crochet hook No. 6. Two knobs (item no. 450119) from UNION KNOPF.

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Basic pattern: chopsticks. Each row starts with 3 initial meshes as a replacement for the 1st chopsticks and ends with 1 chopsticks in the last initial mesh of the previous row.

Mesh sample: 14 stitches and 9 rows = 10 x 10 cm.

Note: Back and front pieces are worked in one piece. From Armausschnitthöhe the whole jacket is worked in one piece.

Bottom Jacket Part: Cast on 131 (143) Air Meshes + 3 Turning Air Meshes and work in Basic Pattern.After 18 (20) cm from stop stop the work.

Sleeve: Cast on 46 (52) meshes + 3 reversible meshes and work in the basic pattern. After 37 cm from stop stop the work.

Completion: Continue working on all parts in the basic pattern as follows: 1st - 30th (1st - 33rd) stitch of the lower jacket partly (= right front piece), the middle 40 (46) stitches of the right sleeve, following one Pass 6 stitches of the bottom piece (= right armhole), 59 (65) stitches of the bottom piece (= back piece), the middle 40 (46) stitches of the left sleeve, pass the next 6 stitches of the bottom piece (= left armhole), remaining 30 (33)Mesh of the lower part (= left front part). Then for the raglan declines in front of the last 2 stitches of the right front piece, before and after the outer 2 stitches each of the sleeves and the back piece, and after the 2nd stitch of the left front piece to make a mark. Continue working in the basic pattern, proceeding 1 stitch with 1 air stitch in each of the 1st and 2nd rows before and after the markings and then proceed with 2 stitches with 1 air stitch for the raglan bevels 16 x in each row before and after the marks = 8 stitches Decrease per row. From the remaining 71 (79) stitches, after 20 cm = 18 rows (22 cm = 20 rows), finish from the crochet. Close sleeve and armhole seams. Crochet the edge of the jacket as follows: tie in the string, 3 initial loops, 2 sticks, 2 air stitches, 2 stitching points, 3 sticks, repeating from * repeat, end with 2 air stitches, 2 stitch marks, 1 slit stitch in the last start Luftmasche. In each case, work several stitches in 1 insertion point in the corners as required. Sew buttons on left front edge, distance to neck edge approx. 8 cm or 16 cm. Crochet 2 loops at the appropriate height (= tie the thread, work 7 air stitches, go over the edge 1 cm, 1 slit stitch in the edge).

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