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Film star Christoph Waltz in an interview

Why Christoph Waltz is not like other Hollywood stars… (April 2019).


He can be cynical and does not like private questions. Nevertheless, we got some good answers from Oscar winner Christoph Waltz (55).

FOR YOU: Mr. Waltz, let's say one of your children is beating another - like in your movie "The God of Carnage". How would you react as a father?

Christoph Waltz: Quite simply, if one of my children did that, you should put it on trial and I would visit it in prison.

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A pretty bad joke. Do you tend to cynicism, like your movie character?

Actor Christoph Waltz with his wife Judith Holste

If you call the man cynical, you make a harsh judgment about him. You could also call him a very reasonable and consistent person. He does not lose his temper and stays true to his beliefs while his wife and the other couple freak out. His work leaves him no time for that.

Can you identify with him?

If not, I should not have preferred to take that role.

How do you like your job? After all, you had to wait 30 years for the big breakthrough


Of course that was frustrating in the meantime. But that's normal. At the beginning you are still with a lot of momentum. But any job will eventually become the everyday life with which you deny your life. You have to do that with dignity and decency.

Have you ever thought about doing something different?

No. After 30 years, it would be absurd to say, "I'm going to become a mechanical engineer and a robot."


  • BORN:on October 4, 1956 in Vienna.
  • CAREER:Since the end of the 70s he is on stage and on TV. The big breakthrough he celebrated in 2009 as a villain in Quentin Tarantino's hit movie "Inglourious Basterds", which earned him an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. With Tarantino he is currently shooting "Django Unchained".
  • LOVE AND FAMILY:Waltz has three children from a previous marriage. Today he lives with the costume designer Judith Holste and the common seven-year-old daughter in London.
  • CURRENT FILM:"The God of Carnage" tells of two couples peacefully discussing a fight between their sons - until the conversation escalates.

Did the Oscar win pulverize the frustrations of previous years?

I got the Oscar on March 7, 2010. The next day, life went on, and that's a good thing. Why should I continue to ride on it for the next few years? I do not put the statue in a fixed place; otherwise he would become an altar, and that would really be exaggerated.

How do your partner and your seven-year-old daughter experience the hustle and bustle that started around her person since 2010?

That is not easy. When an element in a network moves in a new direction, then everyone else has to adjust to it. And that requires effort, attention and care.

Sounds pretty conspicuous: effort, attention


Can you give that something concrete?

Only so much: We live mainly in London. And it's important for my daughter to go to school instead of getting on with me. But it does not really matter to you.

Why are you trying so hard to shield your privacy?

I would just ask you to accept that, otherwise I'll get angry.

If you are so upset by questions, you might as well give up interviews altogether


An actor is expected to give interviews. Is not synonymous wrong. You just have to arrange and protect your privacy.

Okay, then we ask more generally: What do you appreciate most about women?

That is individually very different. Basically, I can only say: women and men are completely different, we are not in the least similar. This shows in all our actions. It causes complications, but it also makes life beautiful.

Is there something you admire others for?

Yes, if someone remains factual in an argument, concentrating on the matter, not personal. I find that admirable. I have yet to learn that. I myself can be very defiant.

Does that mean making a movie with you can be quite exhausting?

Let's just put it this way: only actors who take themselves too seriously start discussing with the director. I am not one who dissects everything and dissects everything into pieces, I am not a philosopher, not a critical theoretician, but an actor. I do not argue long because I do not take myself so important. I just do my job. I have nothing to do with the craziness of the show business.

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