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Look Celebrity Outfit: Alexandra Neldel

Madonna - Vogue (June 2019).


With the novel adaptation "Die Wanderhure" and currently "Die Revenge der Wanderhure", Alexandra Neldel celebrates great successes. We show the styling of the actress.

Celebrity outfit: Alexandra Neldel

Favorite Outfit: The cobalt blue jumpsuit lets the actress shine.

The combination of Alexandra Neldel's white satin dress and the black accessories is timeless and elegant.

Actress Alexandra Neldel mixes her little black skillfully with simple accessories and pumps in the nude look.

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Alexandra Neldel showed at the Fashion Week in Berlin that she too gets inspired: with a green blouse to chino and leggings shoes.

The long black robe is a great companion for the red carpet. Updo, clutch and subtle make-up complete the noble look.

White clothes to pale skin and blond hair is an exercise for professionals. Alexandra masters them perfectly: the signal red lipstick sets exactly the right accent.

The dark bustier dress looks anything but boring thanks to the studded top. Instead of jewelery Alexandra Neldel prefers to use her long hair.

If the dress, tights and shoes are black, eye catchers must be looked after. Alexandra Neldel therefore relies on fancy accessories and adorns themselves with foreign springs.

Alexandra Neldel posing at the premiere of the movie "Sex and the city" in a fashionable outfit of white and cream tones.

The blue dress is meant for the casual look. But in combination with Alexandra's long hair and eye-catching jewelery it will be galata-friendly.

The consistent beach look with tank top, jeans and Espandrillos exudes a sunny mood on the red carpet.

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