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Sewing instructions Fashionable cloth bag

DIY SWEET SHOULDER BAG DESIGN // Chains Fashion Bucket Bag Tutorial (May 2019).


End the disputes with your partner because of too expensive bags - it is also cheap. Sew your own bag just yourself. Trendy, cheap and with a big load of personality, she is a real eye-catcher. The right instructions for the bag can be found here.

Shoppers are an absolute must for shopping or a relaxed stroll through the city and are currently in fashion. With its individual, personal design, our fabric bag trumps its fellows and is a stylish accessory for every woman. No more overpriced bags - just sew your bag yourself.

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Dimensions: 28 x 42 x 12 cm without handle

You need: approx. 50 cm light blue fabric (eg "Leandro", type 1-6415-250, in mint blue, cotton blend, 140 cm wide, 41.90 Euro / m: JAB Anstoetz), approx patterned fabric (eg "Stockings", AH44 foxtrot, EU: QAH4400-FOXTR, cotton, 114 cm wide, approx. 16 Euro / m: over coats), approx. 110 cm solid white fabric insert (90 cm wide), 12 cm Decovil I (90 cm wide, by Freudenberg) or: 12 cm saddle pad (90 cm wide), matching sewing thread, scissors, pencil, ruler, sewing needle, measuring tape, paper for cutting, tailor's chalk or trick marker from Prym)

1 pair of leather handles in light blue (about 50 cm long, about leather Dettmer), cotton yarn from Schachenmayr / SMC "Egypto Cotton" (100% cotton, 180 m = 50 g, each 50 g color No. 00111 ruby, color no 00165 Ocean), 1 crochet hook 3-4

cut out

Download free tutorial on

Use the copier to enlarge the pattern drawings to 200%.

Cut out the parts. Place the pattern pieces on the fabric. Cut all pieces with 1 cm seam allowance, transferring the markings of the cut pieces onto the fabric:

From outer fabric (mint blue), lining fabric (small patterned) and fabric inserts:

- 2 x front and back pockets

- 1 x flap each

- 1 x bottom side part

From upper and lining material for the binding tapes:

- 2 x each a strip of 2 cm wide and 35 cm in length

From Decovil:

- 1 x for the ground a rectangle of 12 cm in height and 41 cm in length


1. Iron the fabric insert on the left sides of the cut mint blue outer fabric parts.

2. Iron the Decovil bottom piece onto the fabric insert of the floor.

3. Transfer the ornamental pattern to the pocket flap and the right and left front pockets using tailor copy paper.

4. Make long crochet cords from red mesh and blue cotton yarn respectively.

5. It works with double thread. Crochet cord for the flap: approx. 60 cm, for the right pocket motif: approx. 45 cm, for the left pocket motif: approx. 40 cm, for the heart: approx. 16 cm.

6. Sew the cords along the marked motifs onto the flap and the front of the pockets with small hand stitches. (The blue cords run outside, see also photo).

7. Sew the food bag made of small patterned fabric. For this, sew on the bottom side part according to markings on each front and back of the bag.

8. Cut in the seam allowances in the curves to the seam.

9. Sew the mint blue outer fabric bag together like the food bag.

10. Iron the seams.

11. Destroy the bag and the food bag at the top edge, leaving an opening of approx. 20 cm for turning.

12. Turn the bag through the opening.

13. Hammer in seam allowances on the opening and iron the top edge.

14. Then topstitch the upper edge around it with a short edge.

15. Work two narrow bands (finished width: 1 cm) for the pocket flap. Sew one side of the top and one side of the lining.

16. Destroy the flap with the lining, with one of the ribbons following the mark.

17. Leave an opening for turning.

18. Cut back the seam allowances and cut into the curves.

19. Turn the flap, close the open piece and iron the seams.

20. Sew the flap narrow all around.

21. Tap the flap on the back according to the marking (= 2 cm from the top edge).

22. Stitch this seam 2 times just a step foot width.

23. Quilt the second ribbon according to the marking on the pocket front piece (= center, 18.5 cm from the top edge).

24. Stitch the handles on the front and back of the bag.


Visit and download here the sewing instructions for the fashionable cloth bag >>

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