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Actually Ilka Mahro wanted only a house in the country. But then she put on a cottage garden, which is now a popular destination.

Here slender grasses turn in the Baltic Sea wind. Meadow rue and coneflower exude their delicate fragrance there. In between, the purple candelabra prize honors his flower candles in the air. Ilka Mahro, 49, composed her farm garden in Schashagen in East Holstein like a painter, structured it into colors, shapes and themes: flower show, lounge corner, kitchen garden. The splendor seems to have grown by chance, but there is plant knowledge in every bed and bush: What is blooming in the spring, in the summer, in the fall? Is the balance between vertical shrubs and broad plants right? "With plants you can paint like an artist with a brush, " says the garden connoisseur.
Still, her green retreat costs little time: just two weeks in February, she says, to keep everything in check. Of course you have to cut off some faded columbles and mow the lawn. "But I do not think that's too much work, " says Mahro. "Gardening is considered exhausting for many. That's a pity. "And for Ilka Mahro, this was also a reason to start the" Open Garden Day "initiative with a handful of like-minded people: on her travels to Holland and England, she had experienced her work as a hobby gardener opened for the curious, exchanged ideas with them, gave suggestions and made all the visitors want to see the tree and herbs. Ilka Mahro has been receiving gardeners interested in their property for ten years, and on some days there are up to 900 visitors. "There's a lot to be said for yourself, because a garden is almost like a home."
It happened by chance that Ilka Mahro turned her hobby into a career: so many people asked her for advice that today she earns her living as a professional garden designer. What she knows, she taught herself. Although she had a horticultural study post safely after school, she did not start because the first of her three children was on the way. A stroke of luck - because she developed by experience an unusually airy-light style.

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