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My Garden Year Ornamental Lily: flares in the countryside

Kaloya Regional Park. Oyama, Lake Country, BC - 'Water lily Garden' - YouTube (May 2019).


Plant whisperer Peter Janke raves about ornamental onion (Allium).

From May to June, the ornamental onion shows its flower balls in white, pink, purple and burgundy. Proper they rise on some meter high stalks in the air. But even low-growing perennial shrubs adorn the beds with his balls consisting of countless miniature flowers. Planted in groups, they stand out everywhere! To conceal the near-to-ground, rapidly withering foliage, surround the onion flower with leaf-rich perennials such as stonecrop, cranesbill and grasses. Wonderful!

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++ Best planting time: September

Even withered fruit stands are doing well in the vase

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