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The whole garden is in sleep. The whole garden? No! A white flower does not stop resisting the cold. Our columnist Peter Janke on a little flower wonder.

Even in this season you can discover amazing things outdoors, especially the many different types and varieties of snowdrop are collector's items among garden owners. Hardly any other flower touches us more with its filigree stature, especially since there is such a strong character behind it: as early as February, the bulbous plant defies cold and storm. In England collecting early spring flowers is cult, now the trend has reached us as well. Snowdrops are just unique, feel good in almost any soil - and bloom year after year luscious!
Garden designer and plant whisperer Peter Janke (41) from Hilden near Düsseldorf is the new columnist at FOR YOU.

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garden Tips

Extra tips from Peter Janke
++ The variety "Hippolyta" bears particularly lush filled flowers and proves to be very robust.
++ I divide my snowdrop clumps every three to five years after flowering and plant them in clusters (up to six onions). Like late-rushing shrubs or between ground cover, where they increase the flower frequency.

Best season for the snowdrop is March. Put leafy onions in freshly fertilized soil, then grow reliably.

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