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Celebrity make-up lipstick trends of the stars

Top 10 Makeup Trends for 2019 (April 2019).


Red lips should be kissed. But that it does not always have to be red, but there are other seductive lipstick trends, prove these stars. We show which lipstick colors are an absolute must have for this summer.

Gwen Stefanie likes to take on the strong shade of red. In combination with her light hair and dark eyes, the superwoman looks just great.

The matte orange tone makes Jessica Alba's skin glow. To brown hair, the color appears especially fresh in spring.

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Blake Lively does it. Even blondes can confidently resort to bright colors. Especially in spring the complexion, with a strong red on the lips, looks fresher.

Rihanna shows us that you do not have to be afraid of dark colors. They only require a bit of courage. For a delicate result, lastly dust a touch of luster powder over the lips.

Angelina Jolie's lips are literally made for a showy lipstick. Her sensual lips are brought to bear by the rich red. In combination with Smokey-Eyes, this red is perfect for the evening.

Emma Stone wears a coral red. This intense hue goes well with a light skin type, as it does not form such a stark contrast. Who dares: Ran to the color!

Even Eva Padberg is absolutely right with her berry tone. They can be worn by all skin types. For full lips, dull tones are recommended so that the mouth does not look even bigger.

For a strong lipstick you need hardly any make-up, as model Miranda Kerr proves. She also uses the trend color red.

Sylvie van der Vaat smiles at us sexy and elegant with her red lips.

Keira Knightley shows how it works: Rosé tones are absolutely trendy this spring and can be worn by all skin and hair types.

Dark hair, light complexion are the hallmark of Dita von Teese. Whether red or this berry tone color is her. To enhance the lip color, apply a transparent gloss in the middle of the lips.

The girlish-type, such as Hayden Panettiere, are rosé and peach tones wonderful. Straight blondes can let off steam in this color range.

For dark tones, as Miley Cyrus wears it, it is advisable Concealer to apply the contours, so that the color does not run.

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