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Holidays Carnival: Tips for the right make-up

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Whether as a cowgirl, hippie or angel - a good costume is always the right make-up for Carnival. We give tips to make it perfect.

Make-up for the cowgirl

Cowgirls are one thing above all: traveling a lot outside! You should hide the elegant winter pale for your costume better. This is helped by a darker make-up and bronzer. Apply the make-up evenly and do not forget the ears and neck. With a transparent powder make the make-up more durable and can provide with bronzer on the cheeks and hairline for fresh accents. Now it is important to emphasize the eyes. Matching the element on which cowgirls are traveling, you should orientate yourself to the earth tones. Prime the eyelid with a beige eyeshadow and apply a dark brown to the outer corner of the eye. For more expression you can draw a fine line with an eyeliner or emphasize the eye with a kohl in shades of brown. Mascara completes the cowgirl look.

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So make up for the hippie

Hippies have the credo: naturalness counts! Matt your face with a powder, also the eyelids should be powdered. Now apply a thin line of eyelashes and shower the eyelashes black. A little blush for a fresh look - ready! Your hair should be with center parting. If you like, you can braid a hair wreath and put a few artificial flowers in it.

Angelic look - that's how it works

The costume is only half the battle. If you want to make the carnival unsafe as an angel, they should shine. This works best with glitter particles or rhinestones. For this, prime your face first with a light make-up and apply shiny powder over it. While otherwise gloss on the face is rather undesirable, he lets you shine as an angel especially beautiful. Make up your eyes with white eye shadow and put accents with silvery eyeshadow on the outer eyelid. Now you can make with glitter particles for the certain sparkle or set along the eyelashes to the temples single rhinestone stones. Finally, you blow your eyelashes easily - ready! Naturally angelic curls are especially suitable for this costume.

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