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Star Talk Interview: Andrea Sawatzki

Andrea Sawatzki und Christian Berkel über "Scheidung für Anfänger" (June 2019).


We all know her striking face and the fiery red hair. But did you know that the actress can also write detective stories? Andrea Sawatzki met YOU for the interview.

As "crime scene" commissioner Charlotte singer she cleared up years of crime. But this time, Andrea Sawatzki has planned and committed one thing herself - on paper: With "An all too good girl", the 50-year-old now presents her first novel. A thriller, yes, but an extraordinary one. That's why we want to reveal as little as possible. But as a busy actress and mother writes just such a book, we wanted to know more.
Films, audiobooks, 2012 had their recital premiere, now also a novel. How do you manage all this, Mrs. Sawatzki?
Fortunately, I can write anywhere: on the train, at airports, in the evening in the hotel, in between. But it took me a long time to find my story. The search for it was the real work.
How did the idea come about?
By engaging with my childhood. Of course, since I am a mother, I have been deeply involved with education. My children have made me think back to myself as a child: how was it with me when I was that age? I began to write down memories and thoughts.
And why did you decide on a thriller?
I did not want it to become melodramatic. In the beginning there was even a commissioner and a cellar where women's bodies were found … I tried to cheat on the actual story. The book is not autobiographical, but there are already own experiences in it.
But you were not a "too good girl", right?
I was even very good, but only as a child. Until my thirteenth year. Then my dad died and I got my freedom back. He had Alzheimer's. At that time one was ashamed of it. They retired, were no longer part of society. Because the person in question might no longer recognize the people who came to visit because he was no longer calculable. Today, families are supported quite differently.
You dedicated the book to your husband Christian Berkel. Does he sometimes get on the roof because you work so much?
He is traveling so much himself (laughs). No, we are happy when the other one discovers something new. Christian always encouraged me. It's my life, and I have the right to try it all out.
In 2011 you started at "Let's Dance" because you wanted to learn to dance. Is there anything else you would like to know?
Foreign languages! My husband speaks four. When we are in France and Christian is talking to our French friends, I can not contribute much. That's why it's so nice that our boys are at an international school: they speak fluent English.
You once said that your children grow up without television.
They are allowed to watch TV, but that does not interest them at all. Our TV was broken for three months now and we did not miss anything. Bruno paints and makes break dance. Moritz, our big boy, plays football. They are broken in the evening. Moritz is very reasonable. He does not want to be so tired the next morning, so he goes to bed voluntarily. Bruno only works if we promise to read him something else.
Do you have any other family rituals?
Once a year we drive for a month in our Spanish village, the house has Christian inherited from his parents. It lies in complete solitude. Anxiously, one should not be there. Sometimes the electricity does not work, internet is not there anyway - great.
Is there something that is really difficult for you?
Get up early. Awakening the children in the morning is terrible. Also, I find it hard to leave home, get on a plane or a train. Since I'm already bad the day before. And I still have before every performance with my recital "Something is always" stage fright.
It is said that you may return as a "crime scene" commissioner
No, the chapter is finished. I now see myself more in the role of the perpetrator.
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