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Simone Panteleit Column Why does black slim?

Simone Panteleit bordeaux Leather Skirt & Boots 08 01 2019 (April 2019).


White is wearing, black makes you slim. How so?

It would be nice if the scale would suddenly show much less, just because you wear black clothes. Of course, that does not work - but it looks like you suddenly have less on your ribs. And that's an optical illusion. Shadows, outlines and other contours are virtually undetectable on a black background. As a result, black areas look even, even if they are not. In addition, black swallowed the light almost completely. This makes black things look smaller than bright ones that reflect a lot of light.

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Simone Panteleit

More exciting everyday questions in "Why socks always disappear and where to go"

Simone Panteleit, born 1976 in Frankfurt am Main, began her career in 1996 at the Berlin radio station rs2, where she was trained as a news editor and moderator. In 2008 she started her career as a TV presenter of the SAT.1 breakfast television. Since 2010, she has also been a presenter at Berliner Rundfunk 91.4 as a presenter. In 2013, her first book, "Why Socks Always Go Away and Go Where?", Was an essence of her radio show "Why? That's why! ", In which Simone Panteleit deals with all sorts of exciting everyday questions and their solutions. Simone Panteleit lives in Berlin, is married and has four children.

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