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Do you have any Christmas presents together? We have great gift ideas for Christmas, craft ideas for Advent and recipes for delicious appetizers and Christmas biscuits.

Gift ideas for Christmas

Christmas present

Last Minute Gifts

You are still missing gifts? Here are some ideas.


Exchange Christmas gifts: tips and tricks

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Well, got the wrong Christmas present? How to exchange Christmas gifts stress-free and without problems.

Is that a gift for me?

Just make gift tags yourself

Now is the end of the rum riddles: gift tags provide clarity.

Give a nice gift

Gifts under ten euros

Whether you are looking for Christmas presents or a birthday gift idea



Photo book for Christmas

Individual photo gifts come from the heart - just like the Cewe photo book!

The perfect gnome gift

Christmas gifts for the whole family

DIY: Christmas gift wrappings

Last minute gifts for Christmas

Christmas gifts for children

Fair gift ideas for Christmas

Gift ideas for men

The most beautiful gift packaging

Gnome variants

advent Calendar

Win daily

Every door a win!

Win great prizes worth a total of about 5, 000 euros.

Christmas recipes


Spice cake with cranberries, ice cream and meringue

Meringue with juicy cranberries is a dessert for every feast.

Christmas in the glass

Spiced cream

Discover the Christmas recipe.

Small cake bites on a stick

Recipe for St. Nicholas cake pops

Very Christmas come these little Santa Claus. You can find out here how to make the cakes on the stalk yourself.


Honey poppy caramels

A great souvenir for the next celebration.

Christmas pastries

Honey cake with almonds and spices

We bake honey cake with almonds, spices and orange blossom honey.

The best cookie recipes

Candy Cane Macarons

Delicious poppy seeds

Lactose-free desserts

Lamb chops with sweet potato puree and Swiss chard

Marshmallow Chocolate

Swirl Cookies: Christmas Food Trend

Tiramisu make yourself

Wintery mushroom cream soup

Duck with stuffed dumplings and chestnut savoy cabbage

Spice cuisine: Christmas recipe ideas

Small poppy seeds



Capsules Snowmen

Upcycling - this is how you make little snowmen out of bottle caps!

DIY instructions

Crafting instructions for Christmas paper stars

Do-it-yourself manual

Tinker Fairy Lights: Christmas Cotton Ball Lights

Christmas crafting ideas

Nativity scenes are made with children

Is that a gift for me?

Just make gift tags yourself

Window decoration to make your own

Christmas decoration: Great ideas for your window!


Advent calendar made of felt fir trees

Festive decoration

Bastelanleitungen: paper fir and Advent stars


Fill advent calendar yourself

Crunchy, crispy crunch ….

Ideas for your gingerbread house

Let yourself be inspired here!


Christmas gifts with DIY character

Let yourself be inspired and tinker!

Click here through all deco instructions

Crafting instructions for orange tealights

Make Christmas tree decorations yourself

Crafting instructions for Christmas paper stars

Tinker Fairy Lights: Christmas Cotton Ball Lights

Sew on decorative fir tree made of felt

DIY: Christmas tree decorations

Christmas decoration: Great ideas for your window!

The perfect Christmas tree

Christmas gifts with DIY character

Moss Adventzkranz

Instructions: menu for the party

Instructions: Advent candles with natural flair

Instructions: Make advent calendars

The most beautiful gift packaging

Cuddly star fleece blanket

Christmas cake pops

Make Christmas decoration yourself

Paper figures and lanterns with stars

Make Advent wreath yourself

Decorate cups and vases

Decorating ideas for Christmas trees

Make Christmas decorations

Tinker Christmas lantern yourself

Make creative paper stars yourself

Christmas tree of paper

Paper angel with pleated skirt

Crafting instructions: Christmas napkin rings

Festive candle deco

Christmas cookies and desserts

Christmas recipes

Stollen in the glass

The recipe for the small stollen in the glass can be found here.

Quick made yourself

Christmas baked apple

Here is the recipe for this delicious Christmas dessert.


Stuffed speculoos

The recipe for the delicious speculum can be found here.


Kumquat stars


Honey poppy caramels


Vanilla waffles with baked apple


Orange Buttermilk Waffles

Our recipes from Küchengö


Christmas menus

Whether vegetarian, inexpensive, noble, only with meat or refined with fish - with these Christmas menus you can impress your guests guaranteed.

Click through all the dessert and cookie recipes

Stollen in the glass

Christmas baked apple

Stuffed speculoos

Kumquat stars

Honey poppy caramels

Vanilla waffles with baked apple

Orange Buttermilk Waffles

Christmas Tree waffles

Chocolate Spice Waffles with marinated oranges

Meringue Strip

Chocolate "whoopie cookies"

Airy chocolate soufflé

Sweet angel wings

Mini quark stollen

Chocolate Nut Cookies

Our holiday tips for you

Christmas Markets, Christmas, Cities, Advent

Germany's most beautiful Christmas markets

Find here the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany, which increase the anticipation of Christmas.

Tips from Küchenö

Tips for a stress-free Christmas menu

Tips from Küchengö

Gift ideas from the kitchen


The most beautiful gift packaging


Ideas & Tips: Decorating a dining table

Christmas - The festival of love
When the days get shorter, the inner cities fill up and there is a glass of mulled wine to drink on every corner, then you know it's Christmas time. As of December, the clocks turn differently, namely after the "Christmas time". It's not just the Advent calendar that reminds us every day how much (little) time we have left until Christmas Eve, but also the busy diary, where we "meet for baking" or "buy Christmas tree", quite thick Marked, every time you open your eyes. Yes, the holiday season can be really stressful, not to think about buying all the Christmas presents. The expectations are high and you want to do them justice - because what is worse than a sad looking child's face under the beautifully decorated Christmas tree? So that it does not happen to you in the same way, we put together a lot of great tips and tricks on this page. Just save yourself all the Christmas stress and fly far away, the Caribbean, for example, attracts with beautiful beaches and lots of sun. If you prefer to stay at home for Christmas, because snow and cold are just part of it, then we will give you valuable tips for a relaxing Christmas. You do not know exactly what kind of gift you are? Then join us for the Gift Type Test and find out. Of course, Christmas recipe ideas, such as roast goose, are not enough for a successful holiday menu and we will supply you with ideas for the perfect Christmas dessert. Treat yourself to a cup of tea or a small mulled wine, sit back and click through our many tips and tricks. We hope that one or the other will be there for you as well and that you will come through the pre-Christmas period. Another tip from us personally: Also a FOR YOU subscription is perfect as a Christmas present.

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