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Autumn Colorful Pumpkin Variety

Fall-Classic Pumpkins (April 2019).


Whether yellow, orange, green, white, round, oval or oblong - with more than 800 pumpkin varieties it is not always easy to determine and define pumpkins exactly. Our picture gallery gives you a little insight into the world of pumpkins.

The beautiful pumpkin time

Fall brings not only the cool, rainy days with it. Not for nothing we call the autumn "Golden Season". We like the warm, sunny days when the colorful leaves of the trees are sailing and we can enjoy the last rays of sunshine. And the many colorful pumpkins bring color into the autumn everyday life.

There are now over 800 pumpkin varieties - large, small, round, oval, yellow, orange or green. Such a variety and a huge selection of different pumpkin varieties has to offer a small farm in the beautiful Wendland. The pumpkin harvest starts at autumn with the Rutzen family. They get tons of pumpkins from their own fields, all hand-picked. The pumpkins are brought to the farm with the tractor, where they are cleaned and stored dry. At many small street stalls food and gourds can be grabbed. The pumpkins are popular, they look very decorative and just taste delicious. We visited family Rutzen, were amazed at the many pumpkins and shot exclusive photos for you.

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Hokkaido pumpkin

The red-orange, broad-round pumpkin is the so-called Hokkaido pumpkin. It is a delicious pumpkin with a nutty aroma. The pumpkin has a pretty thin shell. The shell softens when cooked and can be consumed.

Turk's Pumpkin

The turkish pumpkin is edible, but very bland in the taste and therefore not recommended. This pumpkin is a great decoration for home and yard, is in the hollowed out state as a decorative soup bowl.

Kamo Kamo Pumpkin

The Kamo Kamo pumpkin is round in shape and wide ribbed. The Kamo Kamo pumpkin is edible, it is best used for soups or baking.

Blue Hubbard pumpkin

The Blue Hubbard pumpkin is characterized by its broad-bellied, pointed at both ends and its gray-green color. The pulp is slightly thicker and sweet in taste. Prepare a delicious puree or a tasty casserole.

In the lower right corner of the picture you can see Autumn Wings pumpkins.They are decorative pumpkins and inedible.

Butternut squash

The butternut squash resembles a long-drawn pear. This pumpkin has relatively little core housing and can thus be prepared quickly and easily. The butternut squash has a sweet-nutty aroma and is great for frying, stewing and baking and of course for the preparation of soups.

Gourd mix

Ornamental gourds are inedible. Decorate your terrace, your balcony or your apartment with the colorful pumpkins. You are guaranteed an eye-catcher!

Patty pan squash

The Patisson pumpkins are discus-shaped and different colors. Young fruits do not need to be peeled and gutted because the skin is still very thin and the core is not yet formed. Patisson pumpkins taste delicious in fresh salads.

Small carving

Pumpkins do not only taste delicious, no, they have much more to offer! Here is a great decoration idea for the front door.

Spaghetti squash

The spaghetti squash is an interesting and tasty pumpkin variety. The special feature of this variety are the long, spaghetti-like fibers. The pulp can be prepared as a salad. Alternatively, you can bake the whole pumpkin in the oven. The spaghetti squash has a nutty aroma.

Bicolor spoon pumpkin

Do you recognize the swans? The bicolor spoon pumpkins have their own unique shape. They are reminiscent of goosenecks. With the right crafting material you turn pumpkins into cute little animals. Bicolor Spoon pumpkins are ornamental pumpkins and are not suitable for consumption.

Appalachian Pumpkin

The Appalachian pumpkin is probably a real pumpkin classic. For Halloween, he is often with scary grimaces outside the front doors. The pulp is thick and characterized by a fine, sweet pumpkin flavor. This pumpkin is great for baking, making jams and preserves, for soups and of course for carving.

Chirimen Pumpkin

The Chirimen pumpkin is one of the butternut squashes. Features include the flat round shape and the green-gray color. He is not only incredibly decorative - especially delicious tastes the Chirimen pumpkin in desserts and cakes!

Yellow centner

Who does not know him, the yellow hundredweight. This variety is probably the most famous pumpkin variety in Germany. He often gets huge and weighs several pounds. Its pulp is not very high quality, it is often used only for carving. With the right ingredients, you can also conjure up a tasty soup, a fruity jam or a spicy puree.

Pumpkin faces

If the carving is too time-consuming, you can simply reach for waterproof pens and paint the pumpkins with funny faces. Looks great, right?

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