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Beautiful gift ideas for the silver wedding

New Collection Silver Gift Items For Wedding Occasion || Wedding Gift Ideas || (June 2019).


The silver wedding of friends, acquaintances or family members is coming up and you do not have a present yet? We have a lot of beautiful gift ideas about which the gifted couple will certainly be happy.

Gift ideas for the silver wedding: wine rack

The beautiful wine box can be turned into a wine rack with a twist, in which three, six or twelve bottles can be professionally stored. Whether you order the variant with or without a wine bottle, the extraordinary Rackpack wine rack is a stylish design accessory that will surely delight wine lovers!

Here, for example, there is the great wine rack >>

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Gift ideas for the silver wedding: money gift box

Instead of a gift card, money can also be magically given away. The high-quality box made of dark, Thai wood offers space for gifts of money from small to large, because it has all the usual banknotes space. A pane of glass releases the view of the money, but only a secret trick closure can open the box. With this magic money gift box you are guaranteed to be remembered.

For example, you can get the magic gift box here >>

Gift ideas for the silver wedding: wine sommelier

In the sommelier set are high-quality professional wine accessories with a selected False wine packed in a decorative Holztrue. The set includes a professional waiter's knife, with which wine bottles can easily be uncorked. For professional serving, a drip tray and a bottle spout are included. The set is complemented by a cork, which preserves the aroma of open bottles. All accessories are made of stainless steel and can be stored accurately in the lacquered wooden chest. In addition, the high quality wooden chest of the sommelier set can be provided with an individual engraving.

The sommelier set is available here for example >>

Gift ideas for the silver wedding: funny money box

The wooden and glass money box looks quite innocent at first glance: there are two slots at the top, into which you can split coins or bills into "husband" and "wife". Below, the transparent window shows the respective "account balance " at. The joke at the thing: Everything that you put in the top, whether it's for him or for her, ends up in the wife's compartment! Something mean, but pretty funny. You can also engrave the money box individually with the names of the spouses or the wedding date.

The funny money box is available here for example >>

Gift ideas for the silver wedding: cake with photo

The Sachetorte with an impressive photo of edible fondant sugar paper is a sweet and tasteful gift idea. The cake is lovingly handcrafted by pastry chefs and shipped carefully, so that the noble piece also remains in perfect shape. The personal cake is guaranteed to be the highlight of any celebration and to taste delicious once you have overcome the beautiful pastry.

The delicious Sachetorte with photo you get for example here >>

Gift ideas for the silver wedding: wine bag

The Swirl Wine Bag is perfect for a nice picnic for two. Whether outdoors or outdoors in front of the fireplace, with the practical bag you can carry two glasses and your favorite wine to any place and keep it pleasantly cool. The exquisite gift is an asset to any wine lover.

The wine bag for nice hours for two, for example, here >>

Gift ideas for the silver wedding: photo box

The noble wedding box with photo offers with the dimensions of 28 x 20.5 x 8 cm enough space to pick up the most beautiful photos, greeting cards or small gifts for the wedding day stylishly and carefully. A short handle to the wedding photo casket and you can let the most beautiful moments for a long time and as often as you want vividly review. A perfect gift to make a couple or a partner happy.

Here, for example, there is the noble wedding box >>

Gift ideas for the silver wedding: Holzherz

The high quality wooden board in heart shape offers about 30 cm x 30 cm enough space for a personal and individual engraving, which will give the recipient a special surprise. The wooden board is not only ideal for the kitchen, but also a pretty decoration idea with its elegantly ornate writing. A loving gift idea that convinces with uniqueness and attractiveness.

The beautiful wooden cutting board can be found here >>

Gift ideas for the silver wedding: personal bottle post

Inside the filigree and hand-blown bottle hides a hollow space with room for a personal message. The wooden box or lovingly designed treasure chest is a practical gift box and original decoration at the same time. There are also two different spirits to choose from: 0.2 liter peach liqueur (25% vol.) Or fine black forest Williams pear schnapps (40% vol.) Are included in the bottle post. This gift will be remembered for a long time.

You can find the bottle post in the Schatz- or Holkiste here >>

Gift ideas for the silver wedding: personal gingerbread heart

The gingerbread heart for self-design is an imaginative and great gift idea that everyone is guaranteed to enjoy. Label the heart as you like with the supplied icing, this can be easily applied from the practical tube. Let your creativity take over your mind and body. Of course, instead of decorating it yourself, you can give the delicious craft kit as a gift, that's up to you.

For example, you can get the delicious gingerbread heart for your own design here >>

Gift ideas for the silver wedding: Liebesschloss

The love castle is a romantic proof of love. Traditionally, lovers attach a love lock engraved with their names on a bridge or a fence, throwing the key in the water to symbolize the inseparability of their partnership. The lock is made of polished precious metal and can be engraved up to 30 characters. This gift is a beautiful proof of love, with which you will meet your sweetheart or your loved one directly in black.

The romantic love castle can be found here for example >>

Gift ideas for the silver wedding: glass diamond

The glass diamond radiates not only a fascinating elegance, but is in every room an absolute eye-catcher. A pretty decorative article and at the same time a great piece of jewelry. With a diameter of 10 cm, it is much superior to the real stone in size and ensures a real wow effect! The diamond cut glass looks even better with the personal engraving and is certainly a great eye-catcher!

Here you get for example the glass diamond >>

Gift ideas for the silver wedding: picture frame silvered

The silver-plated photo frame is a very special and personal memento. In the 21x16cm large photo frame, the favorite photo is perfectly staged. It can also be individually engraved with name or date. Thus, the gift is a very personal gift, which is guaranteed to be the beloved or loved one guaranteed.

For example, the silvered photo frame is available here >>

Gift ideas for the silver wedding: Rose in the glass

The rose in the glass block, with the many details of the flower, the delicate petals, for example, a real eye-catcher. With a personal engraving, the glass block then becomes a very personal and romantic gift. Up to 30 characters can be found at the bottom of the front page. This gift shows how important and related the gift recipient is to you.

For example, the rose in the glass block is available here >>

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