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You still have a nice romance novel for the summer vacation? We have a tip for you! Antoine Laurain's "Love with two unknowns" is about the search for a mysterious woman, of whom the seeker knows something, but does not know her name.

The taxi had dropped her off at the corner of the boulevard. It was only fifty yards from her house. The street and the facades were lit by the orange glow of the lanterns, and yet, as always late at night, they had been on guard. She had turned around and seen no one. From the three-star hotel opposite, light fell on the walkway between the two potted plants that flanked the entrance. She had stopped at her front door, opened the middle zipper of her bag to remove the keychain, and then everything had gone very quickly. One hand had grabbed the bag by the shoulder strap, a hand that appeared out of nowhere and belonged to a dark-haired man in a leather jacket …

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A bag full of intimate secrets

Laure and Laurent never met. Both live in Paris. One morning, Laurent finds an elegant lady's handbag - apparently stolen and carelessly thrown away. The bag does not tell him the name of the owner, but their contents reveal a lot about them: photos, an old-fashioned mirror, a novel with the dedication of the author and a red notebook in which the stranger has captured their most secret thoughts and dreams. Laurent is fascinated by this woman, more and more he falls in love with her thoughts. So he decides to go in search of her. But how should he find her?

About the author

Antoine Laurain worked as a scriptwriter and antique dealer. Love with two unknowns is his fifth novel and a bestseller in France. He has received numerous awards for his novel Le chapeau de Mitterand (2012). Antoine Laurain lives in Paris.

Antoine Laurain: Love with two unknowns, published by Atlantik Verlag, 240 pages, 20 euros

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