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Whether on the beach on the couch, with a coffee in the sun or during a train ride - with the right holiday reading you can relax especially well. We know which reading material must be in the suitcase!

The best time of our life

For 45 years, the four friends Claudia, Sal, Ella and Laura go through thick and thin together. They meet once a month in London for some drinks to laugh, celebrate and sometimes cry together. Because life does not always hold what one had dreamed of. So Laura suddenly faces the rubble of her marriage after learning that her husband is cheating on her, while Sal has to accept that she is losing her job to a younger colleague. But the four are not intimidated, because they know that they - whatever happens - can rely on their friendship.

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Maeve Haran: The best time of our lives, 640 pages, Blanvalet Verlag, 9, 99 Euro

Above us the sky, below us the sea

Australia 1946. Six hundred women embark on a journey into the unknown. An aircraft carrier is to take them to England, where the women await their future: their fiancee, their husbands - English soldiers, with whom they had often spent only a few days before the war separated them again. Among the women is the nurse Frances. While the others become fate-comrades, sharing their hopes and fears, it remains closed. Only in Marine Henry Nicol, who watches over her cabin every night and how she experienced terrible things in the war, she finds a confidant. One day, however, Frances caught up with the part of her past that she was trying to flee to the other end of the world.

Jojo Moyes: Above us the sky, below us the sea, 512 pages, Rowohlt Verlag, 14, 99 Euro

A summer in Wales

Sixteen-year-old Ally Carter spends the summer holidays with her parents and her ten-year-old brother Simon in the Welsh coastal town of Cardigan Bay. One day, when she secretly dates student David instead of caring for her brother, Simon sets out to explore the mysterious Morlan House. But Simon never returns; In the evening his body is found in the bay. Ten years later: When Ally is commissioned to write a travelogue on Cardigan Bay and Morlan House, she has to face her guilt and fears. But in her research she makes a terrible discovery.

Constanze Wilken: A summer in Wales, 384 pages, Goldmann Verlag, 8.99 euros

Bertram's Hotel

Bertram's Hotel in the heart of London - here time seems to have stopped. Exactly the right thing for Miss Marple, who indulges in a Victorian atmosphere and the best service deserved vacation. But soon it is over. As one of the distinguished guests disappears without a trace, no one wants to have seen anything. But that is only the beginning of a whole series of crimes.

Agatha Christie: Bertram's Hotel, 256 pages, Atlantik Verlag, 9, 99 Euro

In the first row you can see the sea

Man, that was nice: At dawn we started, penned on the back seat of the fully loaded family carriage. Ten hours drive to the Adriatic, without air conditioning and sat nav, but with Modern Talking from the cassette radio. On the beach, a fragrance mixture of Tyrolean nut oil and sewage treatment plant, and instead of cappuccino there was warm soda. Welcome back to the holiday paradise of the 80s. In it, family man Alexander Klein finds himself as he nods over a photo album and awakens as a pimply fifteen-year old - condemned to relive the Italian premiere of his youth. And between cabbage rolls and Coccobello man has the best time of his life.

Volker Klüpfel, Michael Kobr: In the first row you see the sea, 320 pages, Droemer Verlag, 19.99 euros

The summer when it started to snow

Fate can barely strike fate: When Eva loses her husband only a few months after the wedding due to an accident at sea, she freezes in pain. Your just started life as a happy wife is already over? Eva feels completely alone in her grief and travels to Tasmania to find comfort in Jackson's family. But as charming as the Australian island is, so dismissive is Jackson's family. Why only his father and his brother do not want to talk about him? Eve awaits shocking truths that lead to a fateful summer in the past - the summer when it began to snow.

Lucy Clarke: The summer in which it began to snow, 400 pages, Piper Verlag, 14.99 euros

The luck of the blue hour

Delphine's life seems perfect: she lives in Paris, is happily married to Cyril, a literature professor, and loves her work as an interior designer. But one day she receives a letter that turns everything upside down. She inherited a house in Provence. Immediately she begins to dream of a life in the south. But Cyril is skeptical. Only when they drink their aperitif at the blue hour at the port of Sanary-sur-Mer, he is also enchanted. But the everyday life on the Mediterranean turns out to be very different, as Delphine has dreamed: The small towns are suspicious of the couple from Paris. And there seems to be a dark secret about the life of Dolphin's aunt. When Cyril separates from her, the world collapses for dolphins. But she is determined to realize her dream. A touching and humorous novel about a woman in search of happiness that always seems to be waiting around the corner.

Bertina Henrichs: The luck of the blue hour, 208 pages, Hoffmann and Campe, 17.99 euros

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