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In the online editorial section of FOR YOU, we love reading, and some books have been particularly appealing to us. Which book tips we attach to your heart, you can find out here.


E-mails and SMS from friends, colleagues and his mother and the attractive unknown person on the square opposite distract Alex Altmann constantly and always bring him back from the concept. Actually, he wants to use the train ride from Munich to Cologne to work on his laptop at a presentation for his boss, in vain. Before he knows it, the dreary business trip takes a crazy turn.

You just have to hold this book in your hand! "Distracted" is the new book by Ilka Heinemann in which content and features merge into one. The trick: The book looks inside and out like a conventional laptop.

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Ilka Heinemann: Distracted, 128 pages, Droemer Knaur, 14, 99 Euro

Men at the stove

Who is he, this "new man" who prefers to use the domestic stove rather than the starter of his new sports car? The rather fresh garlic in the pan throws instead of football phrases on the pub Stammtisch? He who would rather spoil his wife's culinary delights than fall for the snack bar over the spicy currywurst like a tiger over his prey? " Him " is the gastro-sexual man, a species that includes journalist and author Carsten Otte. This book provides a lot of anecdotes and is a declaration of love to the culinary delight.

Carsten Otte: The gastro-sexual man, Campus, 240 pages, Euro 24.99

Stunning similarities

Couples who have lived together for a long time often resemble each other. The kinship is reflected not only in their nature, in their gestures, their facial expressions, in their faces. And that does not just apply to us humans. The longer a two-legged friend lives with his beloved four-legged friend, the more striking is their adaptation to each other - right down to the hairstyle! The photographer Christoph Schwabe and Christin Vogt went on a search and found amazing "couples": the resulting double portraits show dog and owner from a completely new angle. Unusual photo portraits with a wink: A must for dog and animal friends!

Christoph Schwabe / Christin Vogt: double pack. My dog ​​and me, Herbig, 144 pages, Euro 14.99

The book of the hundred pleasures

We live in a fun society, are addicted to amusements, spend more money in the pub than in the supermarket. We go to folk festivals where a tankard of watery beer costs more than the monthly bill from our mobile provider. Meanwhile, the mobile provider offers us "free" flatrates, so that we can chase "free" for hours short messages, pictures and videos through the mobile Internet. To friends and relatives, so that they share our pleasure.

The list of expensive pleasure could go on and on. Where is the time for the truly beautiful things that do not cost a penny? The time is here, but first you have to become aware of what things are!

The Book of the Hundred Pleasure makes great suggestions. The collection of chestnuts and the deliberately slow stroll through the city are probably still among the most conventional. (But you have to come back to that too.) It will be interesting at the latest if you read the instructions to procrastinate: Allow yourself to postpone deadlines, except for the last minute! Or the invitation to watch the river flow. Take your time. Read this book.

Tom Hodgkinson / Dan Kieran: The Book of the Hundred Pleasure, Rogner & Bernhard, 218 pages, Euro 17.99

The high art of self-expression

Anyone who knows how to use stunning rhetoric and a self-assured, charismatic demeanor will make listeners fall silent and will often be in the front row. So that we no longer feel so insecure and small in the presence of these people, this book takes a closer look at self-exhibitors and brings their secrets to light. Tatjana Strobel has developed the perfect formula for this and shows how, with a little practice, you can discover your true potential, believe in its uniqueness and achieve an unshakeable self-confidence - without mutating into rampaging.

Tatjana Strobel, Goldmann, 256 pages, 12, 99 Euro

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