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Whether actor, singer, politician or celebrity chef - by now almost every celebrity has written a book about his life. Which biographies are really exciting, you can find out here.

Six years

Bestselling author Charlotte Link talks about the illness and death of her sister Franziska. It is not only the most personal work of the writer, full of insights into her own life, but also the touching description of the constant fear of losing one's beloved over the years. Charlotte Link describes the everyday life of the clinic in Germany, where cancer patients and their relatives are exposed to them, the encounter with great, dedicated doctors, but also with those whose behavior shivers and scares. And she advocates never giving up hope - because only she gives the strength to fight.

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Charlotte Link: Six years, 320 pages, Blanvalet Verlag, 19.99 euros

Return to the roots

This novel is about origin and identity search, homeland and familiarity. Mija has Croatian roots, grew up in Berlin and finds happiness in Canada, far from home. As a photographer she has great success there, but falls into a deep crisis that causes her to return home. There she meets the tomboy Zora, her aunt, where she is taken - in the Croatian restaurant Dalmatia. And she meets Jesus, a man who has had a significant influence on her childhood. Why is Mija as she is? The search begins.

Jagoda Marinic: Restaurant Dalmatia, Hoffmann & Campe, 240 pages, Euro 19.99

Between war and luxury

A story that shakes and encourages at the same time: Khadra Sufi was born in 1980 in Somalia. She spends her first years of life in Yemen, Zambia and Saudi Arabia, until the family moved to what was then East Berlin in 1983. As a diplomat's daughter, Khadra not only continues to gain access to the Western world in the former GDR, but enjoys all the freedoms and privileges that this status entails. At the age of eight, Khadra returns to her native Somalia with her parents and siblings. With the outbreak of civil war, the diplomatic family is robbed of all privileges.

Persecuted by the insurgents across the country, Khadra's family managed to escape via Kenya to Egypt in 1990. One year later she lands in an asylum home near Bonn. The loss of prestige, the fall into poverty and the life shortly before deportation wear down Khadras parents. When they plan a new beginning in London, Khadra decides to stay in Germany. She is 16 years old, destitute and lives in a converted garage. One setback chases the other, but Khadra does not give up. She struggles to get back up to where she once was.

Khadra Sufi: The girl who was not allowed to cry, Südwest Verlag, 288 pages, Euro 14.99

Biographies & Destiny

The moving autobiography of Nobel laureate Leymah R. Gbowee.

Successful female resistance: Liberia's women gathered in the marketplaces for prayer and did not shy away from more militant forms of civil disobedience to drive dictator Charles Taylor out of office. But this very personal book also tells of the struggles of a single mother between family and work. Gbowee encourages women to take their lives into their own hands and shows that it is possible to change history.

Leymah R. Gbowee is the head and heart of the African women's peace movement. In disarming candor, the Nobel Peace Prize winner tells how she became a woman and peace activist. When the 14-year civil war breaks out in Liberia, the 17-year-old wants to become a pediatrician. Instead, she slips into a relationship of sexual violence in the Civil War chaos and six years later has four children, no education and no goals. Through an internship as a street worker with child soldiers, she finally awakens from her lethargy and takes her life into her own hands. Now she literally becomes a power woman who teaches herself and others to be freed from violence and demands the participation of women in political life.

Leymah R. Gbowie, We are the power, Velcro Cotta, 319 p., 21.95 euros

1 Euro per book goes to the peace organization "Women in Peace and Security Network Africa" ​​(WIPSEN-Africa).

In harmony with the world

Beautiful shoes are great, but donate no sense of life - and without it is not. The former Protestant bishop Margot Käßmann knows this and encourages her readers to discover the treasure chest of Christian spirituality. An intense book that never gets exhausting and shows how we can leave the commitments of everyday life behind and find harmony with God and the world through singing, prayer or pilgrimage.

Margot Käßmann: "With heart, mouth and hands", Goldmann Taschenbuch, 244 pages, 8, 99 Euro

First the crisis and then


he sings, dances, makes everyone laugh, is linguistically eloquent and has the best of life. This is exactly how cabaret queen Sissi Perlinger tells how she survived tinnitus and the end of a love - the Perlinger way to happiness. What consequences did this crisis have for your life? SISSI PERLINGER: A tinnitus is an alarm bell of the soul that shrieks and screams: "Wake up! Listen to your ears, listen to yourself, what were you born for, what is a snotty appearance? "This noise in my ear compelled me to take a break. I was in India for a long time, then intensively practiced therapy and understood what was right for me. And that I have to find my way back to my inner core. Is psychotherapy the best help? Alternatives are meditation or diary writing. But a therapy goes deeper. I found it super exciting to fathom my unconscious. Do you feel better today? Yes. I focus artistically on solo programs and have been loving a wonderful man for years. Tinnitus is gone. I am happy.

Sissi Perlinger: "Time out!", Southwest, 264 pages, 14.99 euros

She never wanted to become like her mother: Diane Keaton, daughter of an unhappy housewife, has always dreamed of an exciting artist life, although she has felt as a student and young woman everywhere as foreign and unloved. But in her autobiography, she talks about the everyday life of a neurotic woman. And the irony is that she has made a great career not least because of her eternal self-doubt: as a star on the side of Woody Allen, Jack Nicholson or Goldie Hawn. This book shows that a childhood as an outsider is the best prerequisite for a life full of excitement and glamor. Thanks, Diane!

"Back then today", BTB, 21.99 euros

In Paulo Coelho's bestseller "The Alchemist" a shepherd boy in Africa searches for his destiny. This time, the writer himself sets out and seeks the meaning of life on a rail trip through Russia. In his autobiographical book, he tells of a journey that takes him through wild landscapes. He gets to know a beautiful violinist and above all he has to deal with his past on the way. In this book Coelho has processed a meaning crisis of his work, which has been busy in 2006. His advice: Only those who make peace with yesterday can find themselves in the present and be happy. But the book shows very impressively that this is easier said than done.

Paulo Coelho: Aleph, Diogenes, 288 pages, 19, 90 Euro

When Nancy meets in a cafe Heribert, it happened around her. Although Nancy is a convinced landlubber. And Heribert wants to cross the seas - but love is stronger than all opposites. Can that work out? Not really, but still Nancy Krahlisch becomes seaman's bride and learns to outsmart her longing. She cleans the apartment when Heribert goes back on board. She writes down questions that she can ask him on the phone. And she keeps reading his letters, which she keeps in a chest under the bed. Sometimes Heribert is on the road for eight months. In her enchanting story, Nancy Krahlisch tells us about being alone and about how hard it is to feel closeness when your sweetheart is thousands of miles away. After this very personal book, we know: love, that means waiting.

Nancy Krahlisch, Seemannsbraut, Knaur, 304 S., 16, 99 Euro

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