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Bastelanleitung Braided macrame bangle

DIY: Macrame Double Spiral Bracelet - Tutorial (June 2019).


Are you too old to make friends? Make friends with this beautiful alternative bracelet - because small gifts get the friendship. The braided, colorful macrame bracelets are a real Fashio statement and look great on both women's and men's wrists. Make this bracelet yourself, exactly to your color ideas. Whether blue, red, pink or silver - everything is possible. The right instructions for the bracelets can be found here.

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Dimensions: 1-2 cm wide, about 20-22 cm long
You need: Per bracelet about 25 cm white cotton cord; approx. 80 cm narrow ribbon per color (can be leftover) in two different colors, eg orange and pink; matching sewing thread; 1 small button.


1. Knot the two narrow straps at the beginning of the cotton cord, leaving the ends of the strap slightly longer for the closure (buttonhole loop).
2. Tie the ribbons around the cotton cord as shown in the picture, sometimes on the right, sometimes on the left side.
3. Tie the bracelet in the desired length, knot the ends well and sew them with the cotton cord.
4. Just cut off the ends and sew the small button on this side.
5. On the opposite side, sew a small loop from the loose ends or knot.

To imitate

Visit and download here the instructions including the photo-weaving pattern for the braided macrame bangles >>

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