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How to Fall Asleep FAST When You CAN’T Sleep! 10 Sleep Life Hacks! (May 2019).


Sometimes even the marmots among the sleepers have a hard time because of the light, heat and noise. What brings people the desired peace?

Ayvalik on the Turkish Aegean, mid-June: During the day, the air flickers at temperatures of more than 30 degrees. Often it's still 25 degrees at night, because in the sky even cloudy clouds are as rare as snow here in October. Like most villagers, German Michaela Kannemeyer has no air conditioning. She owns a small beach restaurant and lives next door. "At first, I had a cold shower before going to bed and let the fan run all night, " she says. "I should have asked my Turkish neighbors better. That made me completely crazy about sleep. "

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In hot badenbund wet sheets hung in front of the window

A cold shower brings relief to the overheated body for a short time, but it is counterproductive for a good night's sleep. "Showering lukewarm cools better", explains the Berlin sleep researcher Professor Ingo Fietze. "Warm water opens the pores, the body can release its pent-up heat. This is important so that it can approach as close as possible to the optimal skin temperature of 29 degrees. His colleague Dr. Gregg D. Jacobs of the American Harvard Medical School even recommends a 25-minute hot bath: "This raises body temperature first and then falls, which is conducive to falling asleep and staying asleep."

Not only did her fan disturb Michaela Kannemeyer, because he rattled like a sewing machine. "In the morning I often had a tense neck due to the drafts, " says the 48-year-old. Her Turkish acquaintances advised her to hang wet sheets in front of the closed windows. Another tip: air in the heat only in the early morning. Keep the windows closed during the day and darken the rooms. "A guest from Morocco also recommended that I put a cold, damp handkerchief on my forehead, " says the restaurant manager. "I also put some under the armpits, because I sweat there especially."

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