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HOW TO SHOP ON ALIEXPRESS | Shopping tips & SECRETS (March 2019).


There is quite wonderful fashion for little or big women. If you know where to find them. We asked four experts where to buy fashion in "other sizes".

Styling Tips for Great

By blogger Laura Hertel

Extra long jersey top with 3/4 arm by Long Tall Sally, ca. 55 Euro, GR. XS-XL.

"Anyone who is tall will notice anyway, " says Laura Hertel. She is 1.87 m and loves colorful and patterned combinations. The 23-year-old is studying fashion design - and is something of a star among Germany's fashion bloggers. On she writes about creative tips on styling and shopping for tall women. Basics like tops and pants that fit perfectly are bought in specialty stores like Long Tall Sally.

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Skirt with bird print by Mint & Berry about ca. 40 Euro, Gr. 34-42, about 60 cm long

Knee-length skirts, she gets but quite normal from the pole - and wears them as a mini. One of her favorite tricks in styling: Laura Hertel interrupts the line with belts or horizontal stripes - because it looks visually immediately smaller by a few inches.

Addresses and online shops

Tail belt made of paper and rubber from Flip-Flop, about 40 euros.

Long Tall Sally: The shops: Berlin, Marburger Straße 16 | Dusseldorf, Kölner Straße 43 | Hamburg, Rödingsmarkt 31-33. In the online shop of you can find cheap fashion trends in Tall sizes.

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