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7 Awesome Scary and Funny Halloween Costume Ideas (May 2019).


On Halloween is neatly disguised: Whether scary porcelain doll or funny burrito - Halloween costumes do not necessarily have to prepare a goose bumps. Be inspired by our selection of Halloween costumes.

Sugar Skull: The feminine version of the Mexican death

On 31.10. In Mexico, the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) is celebrated. For this, people make-up like death. Sounds pretty bleak at first, but has much more to do with art than you can believe. Especially for Halloween, the gruesome work of art as a disguise is great.

Creepy porcelain doll

A really scary costume is the scary porcelain doll. An old, baroque dress and white make-up make the living doll perfect. The tangled hair gives the whole look the finishing touch.

Doll Billy from the movie "Saw"

The film series "Saw" has taught us in a very drastic way the scary. Who does not remember the doll Billy, who lurked behind every corner with her tricycle! Of course this makes the doll from the movie a popular Halloween costume. A chic outfit and some pale makeup - et voilá: Billy has come to life.

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Golden Halloween costume for children: Old couple

Ingenuity was not lacking in the parents of this costume. The two children were quickly turned into pensioners who need a walker in addition to glasses. Practically, the costume is always: If the children in the age in which they still need a baby walker, this is included in the old-couple costume.

Salt and pepper to go

If you like it simple as a parent, you can dress up your dwarf as a salt or pepper shaker. To do this, simply put on the child's monochrome white or black and embroider a chef's hat. Of course, it is especially cute when the child's best friend or best friend dresses up as a counterpart.

Sweet costume for the little ones

So that even the little ones are not present or lie without costume, there is this adorable burrito costume. Packed in foil and with a warming cap on the head, even the youngest family member from the stroller can watch from their older siblings.

Funny idea for pregnant women: Unicorn Mama

What characterizes a unicorn? Of course his horn. And when a female unicorn expects to have offspring, even the baby has a horn, which already drills through the belly of this Halloween costume for pregnant women. A scary-beautiful costume for expecting mum.

The walking bubble gum automat

Why not show off his round fat belly during pregnancy with a Halloween costume! For this funny costume just stick colorful pompom on a white shirt or sew. A small "25 cent" sign on the skirt is the deciding factor that this costume is a gumball machine.

Halloween costume for the dog: cuddly toy or real?

The most loyal of all companions should of course also get a costume on Halloween. Do you remember the stuffed animals that many kids collected a few years ago? Although this sweet Ty dog ​​can not collect, but steals the other stuffed animals the show.

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