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Do you feel like trying new foods and products? Stay up-to-date with us: We show you which foods you can try in your supermarket soon.

Sanpellegrino Aranciata Rossa

The Limoande with Mediterranean flair: Sicilian blood orange combines with sparkling carbon dioxide to a refreshing summer drink. In addition to sweet oranges, the juicy-aromatic "Sanguinello" blood oranges of lemonade lend their character, the intense color and the special taste with a slightly tart note.

Sanpellegrino Aranciata Rossa, 330ml about 1.24 euros.

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Antipasti for stroking

Just in time for the summer, the antipasti can be spread in flavors such as peppers & peppers, olives & dried tomatoes, and salmon & dill in both a flavourful and a visually Mediterranean flair. The three varieties taste especially delicious on fresh bread or crispy baguette. Refined with toppings of delicious paprika or olive pieces or aromatic dill, combined with the attractive design of the resealable deli bowls.

Bresso Antipasti to spread, 130g dish about 1.59 Euro each.

Mango fire sauce

Spicy meets sweet: Just in time for the barbecue season, this refreshing mango sauce reaches us. It combines the fruity sweetness of the mango with fresh lime and spicy chilli and thus ensures true taste explosions. If you are looking for that extra something, then you are in the right place with the "Mango Feuer" and can serve the sauce perfectly with light meat.

Mango fire from REWE, 200 ml about 1.99 euros.

Yogood yogurt ice cream

What a treat: 40% fresh yoghurt, especially light and creamy, combined with the best ice cream. Whether yoghurt in the simple flavor, or refined with forest fruit, the new yogurt ice cream creation by Langnese conjures up the summer in our freezers. The cool enjoyment is bottled in four small portions and ideal as a snack in between.

Yogood yoghurt and forest fruit in a 4-pack, each about 2.99 euros.

Lovechock Rocks Mulberry Cannabis Seeds

The tasty Lovechock Rocks are raw chocolate coated fruits with a hint of reishi. The best cocoa from Ecuador, unroasted and cold-milled beans, 100% organic quality, without milk, soy and gluten and handmade, make the chunks a vegan treat. Lovechock Rocks are also available in the flavors raisin / coconut and almond / cinnamon.

Lovechock Rocks are now available in selected health food stores, natural bakeries and exclusive confectionery and chocolateries or at

Banana caramel crunchy yogurt

In this creamy yoghurt fruity sweet banana yogurt meets taste-intensive crunchy muesli, which has been refined with caramel and hazelnut crisp. The yogurt is ideal as a snack in between, with a great taste. To the spoons, get set, go!

Banana Caramel Crunchy Yoghurt from Edeka, 150 g about 0.59 Euro.

Pick Up Café Latte

The basic assortment of crunchy chocolate biscuit pleasure is growing: The new picknicker from Leibniz with an aromatic coffee flavor and a crispy chocolate layer. We look forward to the eckere, refreshing summer edition for nibbling!

Available between the 1st of May and the 31st of July 2014 as a limited summer version, 5 x 28g, about 1.89 Euro.

Choc, Nuts & Cherry Cookies

Summer freshness and fruity cherries meet the finest chocolate treat. For the ideal cracking moment, there are the aromatic hazelnuts, which make the cookies even more delicious. The cocoa comes from sustainable cultivation, which is why this sin is already no more.

Edeka Choc, Nuts & Cherry Cookies, 200 g about 1.49 euros.

Vegetable snack by Vitapep

In the office, after sport, at school or on the couch watching TV - when the hunger arrives, the Vitapep snack peppers are ideal. They are delicious, sweet and practical: just a healthy bite (more). The small pods are now available in the vegetable counters of German supermarkets.

Vitapep snack peppers now on sale for about 2.99-3.49 euros.

Bock sausages in country style

Halbstädter offers a culinary taste of the World Cup. How about, for example, the flavors Brasil in Jalapenostyle and Italy in pizza style? With them you can already get in crisp football mood, because even the labels are adapted to the national colors. 130 years of fine sausage quality - delicious!

Halbstädter World Champion Bockwurst from now on in the trade.

Granini fruit juices with stevia

Low-calorie juice enjoyment in the flavors banana, multivitamin and peach. The herbal sweetener Stevia is used and receives in spite of 30 percent fewer calories the full juice flavor. Thanks to the gentle sweetener, the juices are also suitable for people with insulin-related diseases. Is there trade now?

Granini-sesame with stevia, 1 liter for about 1.79 euros each.

Leibniz "Party Fun"

Colorful snacks for in between! Leibniz's Bunte-Laune biscuits can now be found in the supermarket biscuit shelves. They combine sweet chocolate enjoyment with crispy chocolate beans, bedded on a crispy biscuit. The product trumps completely without artificial colors and with resealable packaging.

"Party Fun" by Leibniz 150g for about 1.79 euros.

Muesli drinks from mymuesli

Fresh drink with claim: All ingredients are organically grown and of course without any artificial flavors or colorings. At the same time, the Power Drinks should also be sweet, fruity-yummy and lactose-free! With much love and patience, three healthy, low-fat muesli drinks have been created that meet exactly these criteria. In the apple-banana, bircher and blueberry varieties, the tasty fruit-cereal bombs are now available at the mymuesli online store.

Muesli drinks from mymuesli, about 5.90 euros.

Chavroux goat cream cheese with fig

A sweet seduction! The new Chavroux combines mild goat cheese with the fruity sweetness of figs. This exciting combination is currently unique in the supermarket shelves and offers a great variety while cooking or on your bread. Delicious treats for all cheese lovers!

Chavroux with fig is available in the classic 150g pyramid, about 2.29 €.

Brugal Rum in a new guise

The noble flavors of the three Caribbean rum varieties "Brugal Anejo", "Extra Viejo" and the white "Especial" can be used not only very well as a cocktail base. The 125-year-old traditional brand from Beam comes in a new bottle design therefore. In addition, the "Brugal Extra Viejo" is now the "Brugal XV", as it is stored not only in American white oak barrels, but also in European red oak barrels and longer than ever before. This gives it a particularly balanced flavor.

From October, "Brugal Anejo" and "Extra Viejo" will be available in selected supermarkets. The "Brugal XV" will be available from January 2014 onwards.

Aloha - it's getting tropical!

Because from now on you will find the new Lachgummi Tropical in your supermarket shelf. In the bag you will find the two new fruity and exotic flavors of pineapple and peach passion fruit. But the well-known flavors orange, banana, lemon and fruit mix also convince in their new tropical-fruity robe. Now small and large fruit gum fans can look forward to a tropical taste experience.

Available in your supermarket, 250g for 0, 99 Euro.

Baileys Chocolat

A pleasure that touches the senses! For the first time, real Belgian chocolate is blended with alcohol, creating a whole new Baileys flavor experience! The combination of the finest ingredients, such as Madagascar vanilla and more than 30 grams of genuine Belgian chocolate per bottle, make the taste of Baileys Chocolat Luxe uniquely delicious.

Available immediately in your supermarket, alcohol content of 15.7 vol.%, About 16.99 euros.

Lieken Urkorn: cinnamon magic

From mid-October you will find the light and airy cake bottom of Lieken Urkorn in your supermarket. This soil is a successful blend of cinnamon and mild cocoa. With this product you can bake juicy and Christmas cakes.

Available in your supermarket in the cake shelf.

Marzipan pearls

This year you can look forward to a new culinary experience during the Christmas season: Zentis brings new precious marzipan pearls to the supermarket. The fine marzipan is surrounded by a layer of melted milk chocolate. The high proportion of chocolate ensures a balanced combination of chocolate and marzipan. So the taste can slowly develop in your mouth. The little Kuglen can be enjoyed for a cup of coffee or simply as a snack in between.

Available from the Christmas season 2013 in your supermarket shelf.

Cupper tea

It's Tea Time! And matching you will find in your teapot, the new varieties of Cupper Teas. Not only the ten delicious flavors but also the aspect of purely ecological cultivation makes this tea a pleasure. In addition to the classics green tea, Darjeeling and mint you will find many more varieties.

Available in organic retail, 2.79 Euro, recommended retail price.

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