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Embroidery instructions Embroidered summer bag

Embroidered Velvet Shoe Bags (April 2019).


Whether oval, rectangular, round, triangular, small, large, narrow or wide - we women love you: the handbag. We'll show you how you do not even have to go that deep into your wallet for a fashionable bag. Our favorite is the embroidered summer bag. We will show you how to easily duplicate them in a few simple steps.

The instructions for downloading are available on

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What you need: Stuffed pocket made of striped denim (eg by Esprit), embroidery thread "Anchor Mouline" by Coats in white, No. 1, and red, No. 46, a pointed embroidery needle

That's how it's done

1. Embroider with undivided embroidery stitch. Use the pattern pattern denim stripe pattern: On the front of the bag, divide the center white stripe as the vertical center for the star stitch.

2. The diagonal and horizontal stitches of the stars extend over the blue stripes to the left and right of the white center strip. Embroider first the diagonal, then the horizontal, and finally the vertical stitches for the stars.

3. The stars are always one star size apart. In each case, over-embroider the third white stripe of the fabric pattern on the left and right of the center in red with small stitches of about 2 to 3 mm in length. Always sew the threads on the inside of the bag well.

Stick manual

Visit and download here the embroidery instructions including embroidery design for the summery embroidered handbag >>

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