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Sewing instructions Summery bathing bag

Summer DIYs: Bikini, Sandals, No-Sew Bag, + more! (April 2019).


In summer, swimming is an absolute must. The bathing bag is the indispensable companion for swimming pool and beach. In the indoor pool or converted into a shopper with plenty of storage space and in every imaginable color, a bathing bag also fulfills its purpose in winter. Sew your own individual bath bag yourself - we show you how to do it in our tutorial.

Dimensions: 50 x 55 x 20 cm without handle

You need: approx. 60 cm solid red cotton fabric (here: quality 326/84, 180 cm wide, by Radspieler), approx. 120 cm awning fabric in longitudinal stripes (here: quality 326/56, 43 cm wide, by Radspieler), approx 80 cm polka dot fabric in green-white (cotton, 114 wide, freespirit over coats), approx. 25 cm solid fabric insert in white (90 cm wide), 1 half-ring metal (2 cm wide, eg from Prym), matching sewing thread, scissors, Pencil, ruler, measuring tape, paper for cutting, tailor's chalk or trick marker (by Prym)

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For the bottom of the bag, write a rectangle of 49 x 22 cm on paper. Draw in each case a center line in height and width. On the narrow sides of the rectangle, round off the corners to create an oblong oval (circumference approx. 113 cm).

Tip: Use a saucer to mark the curves. Cut out the shape.

For all dimensions of the blank, approx. 1 cm seam allowance is included in each case.

From outer fabric (red), lining material (dotted) and fabric insert for the bag:

- 1 x bottom part (according to paper cut)

Outer fabric (red) and lining material (dotted) for the bag pieces:

- 2x a rectangle of 57 x 52cm

From strip and lining material for the wearer:

- 2 x each a strip of 7 cm wide and 58 cm in length

From outer material (red) for the ring bolt:

- a rectangle of 4 x 10 cm

Made of striped fabric for the outer pockets:

- Cut the remaining strip material into 4 equal parts (= 30 x 29 cm)


1. Iron the fabric insert on one side of the red pocket bottom.

2. Sew the pockets of the outer fabric together on one of the 52 cm long sides and stitch the seam allowances on both sides.

3. Sew the four equal parts for the outer pocket with 0.5 cm seam allowance to a stripe-striped rectangle of 30 x 113 cm.

4. Cut this rectangle to 26 x 113 cm.

5. Repackage the rectangle 3 cm on one side and hem.

6. Place the hemmed part onto the red pocket piece so that the untrimmed edge is flush with the edge of the pocket piece.

7. For the pocket division of the outer pockets, attach two vertical, parallel stitches in the middle for each side.

8. Close the whole round and stitch the seam allowances on both sides.

9. Iron the seam allowances for the ring bolt and stitch tight.

10. Thread the half ring and stitch the bar just above the outside pocket at the side seam (see also photo).

11. Insert the red bottom of the bag so that the fabric liner is on the left side. Cut the seam allowances in the curves towards the seam.

12. Sew the lining bag together like the bag from the outer fabric.

13. Iron the seams and cut the seam allowances in the fillets around the seam.

14. Inflate the bag and the food bag at the top edge, leaving an opening of approx. 20 cm for turning.

15. Turn the bag through the opening.

16. Hammer in the seam allowances of the opening and iron the top edge.

17. Then topstitch the upper edge around it with a short edge.

18. For the wearer, work one side each from strip and one side out of lining material, ream and slightly topstitch all edges.

19. Stitch the straps on the inside of the pockets.

20. Quilt the ends again crosswise (5 x 5 cm) so that the straps are well fixed.


Visit and download here the sewing instructions for the stylish summer bath bag >>

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