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Strickanleitung Maritime shoulder bag for self-knitting

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A trendy shoulder bag for walks on the beach or for a leisurely stroll through the city. Our knitting instructions show you how you can make this maritime shoulder bag easily yourself.

What you need: Lana Grossa Quality "Organico" (100% organic cotton, run 90 m / 50 g), each approx. 150g in white Fb. 7 and blue Fb. 49. Circular knitting needle no. 4-5, 60 cm long.

Knitting patterns:

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Smooth right in rounds: The stitches are knitted on the right side in each round.

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Smooth right in rows: knit the stitches in the rows to the right and in the back rows to the left.

Diagonal pattern : You knit smooth right after the count pattern. In the counting pattern, each box means one stitch. The colors are shifted in each round or row by one stitch. To avoid any holes, you have to cross the threads when changing the color on the back of the work. The designated pattern set is six stitches wide and six rows high. Always repeat this in width and height. For the sake of clarity, two pattern sets are drawn in width and height.

Stitch sample: 19 stitches and 25 rounds or rows = 10 x 10 cm.

Each box = 1 mesh

How to do it:

The bag is knitted in one piece in rounds. First, you hit 133 stitches. These are then closed for the round and knitted smooth right after the count pattern. At a height of approx. 35 cm, tie off all the stitches with the white yarn. Next, knit two handles. For this you hit 120 stitches and knit smoothly to the right in rows according to the count pattern. Here, however, let the pattern run in the other direction, ie the colors are shifted to the left. After 18 rows, chain all stitches.

Finish: Double the bag, slightly tension and moisten. Now let everything dry and then sew together the bottom of the bag. Sew on both sides of the hooks and edges, then attach the handles to the upper edge of the bag as shown in the diagram.

Download knitting instructions:

Visit and download the knitting instructions for this shoulder bag >>

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