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How to make a patchwork bag yourself

Quilted Patchwork Tote Bag Tutorial (May 2019).


Space miracle for all cases Great, what fits in this little bag everything! The fabric with postcard printing radiates a little wanderlust, the tip gives elegance and a touch of nostalgia. Have fun with our free instructions to make yourself.


Material fabrics A-C are 110 cm wide from Moda.

100 cm fabric A in beige with postcard printing, 25 cm fabric B in light brown with postcard printing, 60 cm
Fabric C in light brown with lace print, Thermolam 90x114 cm by Freudenberg, 170 cm bobbin lace by Kurtenbach, spray glue by Rhinetex, 50 cm thin drawstring for the closure, 1 large button, 2 lace motifs.
Cutting (in the blank dimensions is a seam allowance of
0.75 cm). Fabric A: Cut dimensions for outside of the diagram, 1 x 75x90 cm (lining). Substance B: For outside dimensions, refer to the diagram. Substance C: take outside dimensions of the diagram,

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2 x 8x48 cm (border upper edge of the bag front and back), 2 x 8x90 cm (border side pocket edge including carrier) Thermolam 1 x 90x75 cm (insert / bag), 2 x 8x48 cm (insert / border upper edge of bag Front and back side),

2 x 8x90 cm (insert / border side pocket edge including straps), cord 2 sections à 25 cm.
Sewing outside: Cut pieces to patchwork surface as shown in the diagram. When sewing together at the indicated seams, always grasp a piece of lace. Sew on lace motifs. Place the outside with the left side on the Thermolam rectangle, both together on the left side of the lining blank. All

Connect 3 layers with spray adhesive, quilting as desired. Cut the lining and insole to the size of the outside. On the short sides (69 cm = right and left pocket side) 6 pleats with 2.5 cm depth (3 each starting from the middle to each other). On the long sides (87 cm = upper edge of the bag) insert 8 pleats with a depth of 2.5 cm (4 each starting from the middle). Fix wrinkles around the seam allowance. Put the cord sections to the loop and thread the button on a section. Pin the ends of the cord at the center between the 8 folds (= front and back center of the pocket top edge), fix with basting stitches. Lay strips for the borders with the left side of the fabric on matching Thermolam strips, quilting as desired. Put short strips right side on right side on the lining side of the pocket top edges, sew on. Turn the strips around the seam allowance to the outside, fold in the seam allowance and sew on the border. Sew remaining long strips along the short edges to form a ring that will encase the still uncleaned edges of the bag. The edging strip is longer than the edged edge. The excessive length forms the carrier.

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