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Sweet recipes from the Alps

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During winter holidays, certain desserts are simply part of the all-round happy package. The Alps are not yet in sight? Get the huts magic with Rüblikuchen, Kaiserschmarrn or plum dumplings in the domestic dining room. We give you the best sweet recipes of the Alps at hand.

In addition to traditionally hearty meals, special desserts are also very characteristic of the alpine region. What would be a winter holiday without Kaiserschmarrn, for example? Right, just incomplete. If the next ski holiday is not yet in sight or you want to take home the culinary memories after the holiday, you can prepare dumplings and Co. at home. The best sweet cottage recipes can be found in this article.

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carrot cake

Which delicacies do you think of first when you think of Switzerland? At least, when we think of the Swiss Alps, we immediately get a picture of a juicy ragberry cake in our heads. Rübli - that is the Swiss German expression for carrots. The specialty from the Aargau in the north of German-speaking Switzerland consists mainly of a loose biscuit mass, nuts and, well, carrots. After baking in the oven, the carrot cake is usually covered with a glaze. The decoration is traditionally served by small marzipan beets, which lovingly decorate the cake's surface.

Click here for the Rübli recipe.

Plum dumplings with vanilla sauce

Dumplings in all variations are among the classics in every alpine hut. They have to be nice and warm and fluffy. For the dessert, plums are wrapped in a yeast or pot dough, shaped into a ball and slowly cooked in water. Depending on the region, the dumplings come to a conclusion in a bath of cinnamon and sugar or breadcrumbs (previously browned in hot butter). To taste the dumplings can still be doused with hot custard or melted butter.

Here you will find the right recipe.


This delicious pastry is one of Austria's best-known desserts, but it also has many fans in other alpine regions such as Switzerland or the Bavarian mountains. Not only children love Kaiserschmarrn, adults also like this tasty dish. For the preparation of a pancake batter (also called pancakes) baked in butter. As soon as the bottom of the dough becomes firm, dismember it and turn it over again until it is completely finished. Traditionally, the Kaiserschmarrn is dusted with powdered sugar and slightly caramelized. Raisins, almonds or plum roasters are often added.

With this recipe, you can make the perfect Kaiserschmarrn.

caramel cream

Caramelköpfli is called this dessert classic in Switzerland. Unlike in France or Portugal (Crema Catelana or Crème brûlée), the Swiss variant does not have a crunchy crust. The caramel cream is served here simply with a cream topping and optionally with fruits. A sweet with an addictive factor.

Fine caramel cream in a glass - click here for the recipe.


In Bern-Bernese Oberland the heart of every winter sportsman beats faster. But also those interested in culture get their money's worth in this region - for example in the Bernhardiniermuseum.

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The well-known and popular food in Switzerland is more reminiscent of a portion of pasta than a dessert. The worm-like vermicelli are called "Vermicelles". The term is derived from the Latin word vermiculus, which means something like "little worm". The classic Swiss dessert is made from pureed sweet chestnuts (chestnuts) and refined with butter or kirsch depending on your preference. A dash of cream completes the aromatic dish. But also in combination with fruit or cottage cheese, this delicacy gives you a lot of pleasure on the palate.

How to succeed the perfect vermicelles.

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