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Diet Drinks Fruity fat burner smoothies

Keto Full Day of Eating | EAS Myoplex Keto Shake Review (May 2019).


Losing weight can taste so good: these four mix-drinks with lots of fresh fruit replace a meal. Give it a try.

Fresh, fruity, delicious - and perfect for the purchase!With these weight-loss smoothies, the diet becomes a delicious success.

Grapefruit smoothie

The citrus fruit is full for a long time. With the contained flavonoids, the body can better utilize protein, iron and calcium. Bitter substances ensure a lasting satiety.

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Recipe (2 servings): Peel and chop 1 grapefruit and 1 banana. Mix with 50 g frozen strawberries and 150 g vanilla yoghurt.

Blackberry Creamy

The dark berry satisfies the hunger with few calories. It provides plenty of filling fiber, plus valuable antioxidants that protect our cells.

Recipe (2 servings): Mix 200 g blackberries, 100 g low-fat natural yoghurt (1.5%), 100 ml low-fat milk (1.5%) and 2 teaspoons honey until a creamy consistency is obtained.

Crushed pineapple

The sweet and sour exotine stimulates the burning of fat. The contained enzymes distribute protein better in the cells and rev up the metabolism.
Recipe (2 portions): Mix 250 g pineapple (in cubes), 1 banana (sliced) and the juice of 1 orange with 1 dash of lemon and crushed ice.

Kiwi Shake

The green fitness fruit makes pounds melt. The power mix with vitamin C and enzymes activates the whole organism and drains it.

Recipe (2 portions): Peel 2 kiwis, 1/2 mango, 100 g pineapple and 1 banana, dice the pulp. Mix with 100 ml apple juice and crushed ice.

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