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Halloween Makeup Last Minute Makeup: Ghost Woman

Ghost | Last Minute Costume | Halloween Makeup Tutorial (February 2019).


It's Halloween again and you have failed to get a costume early? We know the problem and have therefore researched a few make-up tutorials that will quickly give you a scary look.

Youtuberin PICtureArtSSociety shows in this tutorial how to apply Banshee with normal beauty products. The Banshee is a Celtic ghost woman who, with her crying, announces the impending death of a person.
Using a sponge, dab conventional red lipstick under the eye and in the area of ​​the temples, which gives the special howling effect. Furthermore, the Youtuberin uses only a small brush for applying small capillaries, fixing powder for sticky and discoloring lipstick, dark eyeshadow for dense eyebrows, a slightly darker eye shadow for the moving eyelid and the howl tracks. A red eye shadow, placed over the dark on the eyelid, gives an additional dramatic effect. Then only with kohl paint the water lines black and lash the eyelashes vigorously. Make the lips pale with light concealer and give the lips extra color with the already used lipstick and the two eyeshadows.
The result: scary? Oh yeah! We wish you a lot of fun and say "Happy Halloween"!

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