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Experiences with Almased

How John lost 29 lbs with Almased! (March 2019).


Hear from other Almased users how they are experiencing the different diet plans and what successes they can actually achieve in the end.

Lose weight

Almased: experience with the diet plan

Online editor Ines has written down her experience with the vital powder.

What Others Experience with Almased
Reviews from others can answer many questions that many face before starting a new diet. Everyone makes other experiences with diet products and it often helps to hear how others have gone on the way to the desired weight and what ups and downs they have experienced on their way. We have tested the Almased products and various Almased recipes and report on all the experiences we have made with the products and the Almased diet plan. How do you feel in the different phases of the diet? Can you really lose weight with Almased? How fast do the pounds fall and can you keep the weight permanently and avoid the common yo-yo effect? Our testimonials should answer all these questions.

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