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Diet plan Almased

Dr. Oz Discusses the Total 10 Rapid Weight-Loss Plan (June 2019).


The different diet plans from Almased offer the right program for everyone. Whether an emergency plan for the next holiday or in fourteen days to the desired figure - determine your own pace.

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The Almased diet plan

Here you will find the various Almased diet variants.

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Planfigur program with Almased

We reveal how it works.

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Your Almased shopping list

Everything you need to start your Almased diet at a glance.

The diet plans of Almased
Almased has developed several diet plans so everyone can find the right program. Even diabetics can lose weight with the right diet plan from Almased and make a valuable contribution to their health through a low carbohydrate diet. The bikini emergency plan, the plan figure 14 days, the liquid fasting are different in duration, but all have a healthy and long-term weight loss goal. Each diet is divided into four phases: In the start phase, the metabolism and thus the fat burning is stimulated. This is followed by the reduction phase, in which fat is burned. In the third phase of the diet, the stability phase, it is about keeping the weight and preventing a JoJo effect through a regulated metabolism. In the last phase of your life, you will lose less but still lose weight. An Almased Shake in addition to three balanced and healthy meals regulates and supports your metabolism permanently, so that you do not increase again after the diet.
Healthy recipe ideas can be found in our Almased recipes.

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